$40 Blu-ray Warhawk swooping into retail

Sony confirms boxed, headset-less edition of its well-reviewed action game will touch down on retail shelves this month.



During this year's Game Developers Conference, Sony confirmed rumors that Incognito's long-in-development revival of the classic PlayStation arcade air fighter Warhawk would completely forgo a single-player mode. With its nontraditional offering, much speculation arose around how Sony would handle distribution of the multiplayer PlayStation 3 game.

A few weeks before Warhawk landed to a warm critical reception, Sony answered those questions by announcing two different SKUs for the game. Warhawk could either be downloaded through the PlayStation Network for $39.99, or aspiring flight commanders could pick up a tangible copy coupled with a Bluetooth wireless headset for $59.99 at retail outlets.

Now a third SKU has taken flight. Sony has confirmed to GameSpot that a $39.99 version sans Bluetooth headset would be touching down at retailers later this month. While Sony wasn't yet willing to say when that would happen, GameStop is currently listing the stand-alone game as shipping on October 10.

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