$40 Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Pass Revealed, Offers Six Months of Content

Plus, a digital-only premium edition for the Batman game is also announced.


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Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios on Tuesday announced a DLC Season Pass for their upcoming Caped Crusader game, Batman: Arkham Knight.

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According to a message posted on Twitter, Arkham Knight's Season Pass will offer up new content for six months after the game's release in June, meaning through the end of the year.

This content will take the form of "story missions, supervillains, and more," the developer said.

A subsequent press release from Warner Bros. reveals that new Batmobile skins, "advanced" challenge maps, alternate character skins, and new drivable race tracks are also included with the Arkham Knight Season Pass.

A special Arkham Knight Premium Edition will also be available. This comes with the game and the DLC pass, and will be sold only through digital channels.

The Season Pass will cost $40, while the Premium Edition will run you $100.

Originally scheduled to launch in 2014, the new Arkham Knight release date is June 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Earlier this week, Rocksteady released a thrilling new trailer for the game that also confirmed it will have a Grand Theft Auto V-style character switch mechanic.

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Keep in mind this $40 pack only contains content through this Year, so if rocksteady decides to release content next year you'll be paying for it.

I mean at least it's not a play to win situation, but I just think the game looks dull and uninspired in terms of story. Very disappointing for they're final outing.

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I was seriously on the fence about getting this game. I was at about a 80/20 split, yes and no respectively. Upon hearing this news, the dev's just lost a consumer/sale. $40 for a DLC is damn near the price of another game....of the SAME GAME LOL. I may only be just one person but shyt, vote with your wallets. F*** these dev's and their cut content that they call DLC.

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@FnAmazinn: ugh I just typed something and the page reloaded or some shit..... but exactly.... DLC has gotten out of control. WTF happened to being able to play everything on the disc YOU BOUGHT??? Cutting shit out to sell it later at the price of another game? This is f'ing insane. I'll be waiting till Arkham Knight is $20 on Amazon, that way I'll still only pay $60 (if I even get any DLC...). Or wait for the GOTY edition like with Arkham City.

Wonder how many sales they've lost with a $40 season pass.... and before someone mentions CoD, I've never bought ANY CoD DLC.... I just like the singleplayer storylines.

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Dlc is always welcome but it is unfair when a developer tries to push people into buying something on blind faith.

Too much money for content that.you don't even know if it's worth.

It smells like a money grab and the least Rocksteady could do would be to let people to choose what piece of Dlc They Want To get.

Give people the choice instead of trying to push dlc down their throats.

Gaming has become a shameless busyness...

Shame on you Rocksteady!

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Enough already. Gaming sucks these days.Cash grabs everywhere.

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God these season passes have gotten so beyond out of control...almost the same price as a game.

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You would have to be INSANE to pay $40 for unspecified content before the game is even available.

Don't feed the industry with presales of DLC, people... I have no problem with DLC, but the rapidly-increasing price and rapidly-decreasing of clear value is absurd. I'll consider buying it AFTER it actually exists on the market & has some real reviews.

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Well I'll now be waiting for the game of the year edition I lost out with Arkham City with it's Catwoman DLC I do have that games GOTY and after all the upset I'm glad I only paid £23 for it because the catwoman DLC is soooo bloody short and it takes ages to get into the next part of her story.

It would see my PS3 back log with be played more than PS4 at this rate with games have Season Passes for the same price as the game its self. The season pass will just add Challange Maps and maybe new Batman skins and for all other characters I aint interested in the challange maps really and for the price they are charging for the S.P no thanks

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Witcher 3 free DLC, $25.00 expansion pass 30 hours worth of content. Arkham Knight $40.00 season pass DLC, skins, and unknown length in story mission, I guess they have not taken notice... come on WB, & RS get your heads off your ass and take notice.

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Just wait for the "Game of the Year" (GOTY) edition for $20.

We know there will be a GOTY edition because Warner Bros Interactive already bought and paid for that award from every game journalism site already. Well, they get a choice between Arkham Knight or Mortal Kombat X.

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boycott this pass , check !

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I hate when they try to add filler to make these season passes seem more valuable. I'll pay up to $20 for a quality story expansion, and everything else should be free.

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40 dollars / euro's but you aint get to know what you pay for.

Seriously this crap needs to die.

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Season passes are a cancer.

Avatar image for coop36

GotY Steam sale it is.

Avatar image for KoWeng1

Did you know that you can buy an actual full game for that price?

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@KoWeng1: What are you talking about? Full games don't exist anymore!

Avatar image for DesignByAdrian

@parabol69@KoWeng1: Shovel Knight: £11 :)

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This really pissed me off. I was so excited for this game but now I'm cancelling my preorder on this. I know the game is going to be great but I'm not willing to buy a game with that high of a price to have the complete edition. I'll wait for GOTY but this game has lost my vote for it. If you want a game that will offer top entertainment and no bullshit with DLC get Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt from CD Projekt.

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And it keeps getting worse, one way to put me off buying the game.

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I'd take the DLC pass for $20.

Unless the content is the size of an expansion, then its too expensive.

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well, it wouldn't be a new generation game without season passes, premium and all this blablabla editions.

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And there goes my interest in preordering... I'll just wait for a GOTY edition now.

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Season passes need to die already. I will continue to do my part and not buy DLC.

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Why is everyone freaking out about this one, they did this with arkham city too because people demanded more content and now they straight foward give you a season pass which is just 2 to 3 dollars more then all the arkham city content combined . Batman, robin, nightwing and catwoman skins, batmobile skins, challange maps and story missions through six months. Cod gives you 12 map packs and a couple of story ish things for 50 bucks in the course of a year so just stop with the complaining.

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@mtk111: Just because COD does don't make it ok

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Well, we knew this is going to happen.

As a general rule, I don't buy DLCs. I see that as re-purchasing the same game. Yes, I know it will have new story chunks, maybe new villain or two... but it still is the same game, running on same engine, using all the assets I have already purchased - models, textures, the works.

Newly scripted (mini) campaign with new bad guy tossed in is still, what, 80 - 90% the same game.

The only DLCs I have purchased in my life were those for Battlefield 3 - though that was mostly because of friends I was playing together with - and DriveClub, mostly out of curiosity. Neither of those has convinced me to keep purchasing DLCs. So... Batman Arkham Knight, YES... DLCs, NO.

If devs want more Batman money from me, start working on Batman: Arkham Legend. Or how about a bit of reboot. A different take on Batman. Full campaign co-op with one of Bat's sidekicks. Retro Batman? Eventuall, with their experience on Batman, I bet they would make awesome Daredevil or Spider-man game. Or Green Arrow.

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@nikon133: they should make something like rise of sin tzu.

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Why is everyone freaking out about this one, they did this with arkham city too because people demanded more content and now they straight foward give you a season pass which is just 2 to 3 dollars more then all the arkham city content combined . Batman, robin, nightwing and catwoman skins, batmobile skins, challange maps and story missions through six months. Cod gives you 12 map packs and a couple of story ish things for 50 bucks in the course of a year so just stop with the complaining.

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Batman pulled a Booster Gold...

Avatar image for daniel79

Pffft, no thanks.

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Voted against this. Just got a refund from GMG for my preorder. Kind of dissapointed because I was looking forward to this game, but enough is enough. No more giving into to all this, besides I will have my time taken up with Witcher 3. I have purchased Season Passes before and really question the worth.

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I was super excited for this title. But now I'm just going to wait for it to be on sale, purely for the ridiculous season pass bullshit.

Avatar image for Stepn2myworld

Game of the year edition release is when I'll be buying this game in about a year and a half during some awesome 50 percent off Steam sale.

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I would expect a ridiculous $40 season pass to be announced for CoD or Destiny, but this is ridiculous.

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This is an industry that has to learn how to budget. They are going to price themselves out of business.

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So you have to wonder if the long delays that this game had were not in fact because the main game wasn't going to be ready. If it was to help make all the padding that was going to be sold as DLC and Season Passes.

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there you go gamers.....keep on buying DLC and the future is bright....

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Now correct me if im wrong but didnt warner bros decide not to patch the last batman game and focus on dlc? Im not a batman fan but if i was that would make me think twice before buying any game from them ever again.

Avatar image for nurnberg

Suddenly, I am less interested in the game.

Avatar image for bubba_1988

Vote with your wallets people this sh!t is not okay.

Avatar image for ajjjevans

Yeah, I don't care if it gets spoiled for me, I am just going to wait for the GOTY edition to purchase the game. I like batman, but this is just silly.

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@ajjjevans: Yup, I pretty much do that for every game. Unless it's a day one must buy in which case I forego all DLC.

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Jesus christ DLC prices are getting ridiculous. I'll just wait for the GOTY edition thanks