4 Years In, Minecraft Continues Selling Better Than Most New Games--Passes 16 Million on PC

This doesn't include the millions of people playing on console and mobile.

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Minecraft has now sold over 16 million copies on the PC and Mac. Developer Mojang's stat counter on its website recently crossed the mark, a further indication that the block-building game continues to sell extremely well.

In February, the game passed 14 million sold, meaning that it sold 2 million in five months. Not bad for a game that's been playable and purchasable since 2010.

But people aren't only buying the game on PC. In June, sales for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions together surpassed the PC versions. Sales among mobile, console, and PC now total about 54 million units together.

Minecraft isn't done yet, either. In its seemingly unstoppable quest for ubiquity, the game will launch this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita. Developer 4J Studios, which is porting the game to the new consoles, promises that the current-gen versions will feature maps 36 times bigger than those in the last-gen versions.

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