3DS: What's Coming Next?

The eShop, Netflix, and more are coming to Nintendo's handheld after launch.


When you pick up that shiny new Nintendo 3DS on March 27, you might be surprised to learn that some of its promised features won't be ready right out of the box. Nintendo plans to release its first major feature update for the 3DS near the end of May via the SpotPass functionality, which will let you receive and download updates when your 3DS is connected to a Wi-Fi signal.

Perhaps the most significant feature in this update is the Nintendo eShop. Similar to the Wii Shop Channel on the Wii, the 3DS eShop is where you'll be able to purchase games, including those made specifically for the 3DS as well as classic games from older handhelds like the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Some classic games available for purchase will also be updated to make use of the 3DS's 3D feature and will be called 3D Classics. The eShop will also let you download demos of games as well as special movie trailers that can be watched in 3D on the system.

The eShop will be available in the late May update.
The eShop will be available in the late May update.

Nintendo has stated that it was unhappy with the interface found in the Wii Shop channel, so the company is taking its time to ensure that it's easier to discover games and various types of software, with the ultimate goal of making it fun to shop. Nintendo has yet to reveal the specific date or pricing options for items found in the eShop.

The Internet browser is another big part of the May update. When you start your Nintendo 3DS, you'll see a small globe icon on top of the bottom screen in the far right corner. If you click on that icon now, you will get a message saying the Internet browser isn't available.

DSi owners will be happy to know that a future update will also make it possible to transfer some of their purchased DSiWare software to the 3DS. However, it seems the number of transfers will be fixed at a specific number, and not all software is transferable. Nintendo has yet to officially reveal any details on the process or how many transfers will be allowed.

And finally, this summer, Netflix will become available on the 3DS. While you can't watch Netflix content in 3D, subscribers can access the Netflix library through the system and watch streaming content made available by the service, much as it functions on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

Nintendo has said that it will release more updates through the SpotPass feature of the system when necessary, so while the May update will be the first large-scale push, it won't be the last.

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@Rasu89 I caught that later on thanks. :)

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@brandon1028. The article clearly states that "you can't watch netflix content in 3D." At least not yet

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i would like to note that Nintendo has said that they don't plan for a 3ds lite they used the previous versions of DS to slim down every thing to what it is so we may be in luck for a download and not another large investment for the video recording

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Seeing classic games made available for the 3DS will be great. I like classic games in the handheld format. Unfortunately, Nintendo will probably price their games a bit too high for my taste, and I won't buy them. Movies on the DS could be hit or miss. My cellular phone has a bigger, higher-resolution screen, so I can't imagine why I would want to view movies on the DS. If they ever make a 3D movie for it though, I'm there. :-) I'm not very interested in browsing the web on a DS. I barely want to do it on my smartphone. Mobile web browsing is something I do out of necessity, not for entertainment.

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man, why end of may? thats 2 months away, that sucks. i wish it was end of march, would make more sence since its right after the release date. by now theres not much to do with the device, rayman 2, streetfighter 4 and such games are nice to pass the time, so is the VR stuff but i wish they wouldve released more good games at start like ocarina of time. kinda disapointing but i guess i just have to wait...

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I can't wait to watch netflix in 3D :D

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@Vendetta162 I would, at least if it's not to expensive. My Gameboy Micro still works well.

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Who else would get the original Pokemon games from eShop if Nintendo puts it up for purchase?

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I am so excited for the Nintendo eShop!! But I want to play the 3DS games too :D

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Seriously guys... who want's to watch movies on a 400x200 screen???

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@Ovirew I recall it was said at GDC the 3DS would be able to record video eventually. I'm hoping it's a download and not the 3DS Lite.

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That's cool. Makes me want it even more now... IT'S ONLY TOMORROW!!!

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I already have a huge 32GB SD card all i need to buy after is a better battery. can't wait excited about netflix, hope they will get 3d content in the near future though.

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@sebetai ah yes, you're right about that lol. Well at least we will get to record 3D video sometime in the near future!

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The very first thing I'm doing is upgrading that 2GB SD card to a 32GB SDHC card. Does anyone know if it even supports SDHC cards? I looked it up. Looks like it will up to 32GB. [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] The DSi also supported SDHC cards, so I guess it should be a no brainer that the 3DS would as well.

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I just realized, Netflix is going to destroy your battery. Heavy use of WiFi will be needed and you will probably finish a 2 hour movie with 20% battery left.

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Demos is a step in the right direction. Hell yeah \m/ But you don't get unlimited transfers? That's a step in the wrong direction. If all 5 of my DSi games are transferable, I don't want it possibly limited to 3. Woulda been super cool is Netflix was in 3d.

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I'm awaiting to see what games will be on the eShop channel.

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getting the 3ds just for the eshop and OOT

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Netflix will be one of my highlights for the 3DS.

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@ Kcube they didn't say the amount of games you could transfer, just the number of times you could do it. Considering the amount of piracy on the DS systems, it's more than fair. Seriously, if you felt the need to transfer a game from your DSi to your 3DS that has an SD slot, how many times should you need to do it?

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@Ovirew I was talking record 3D video. Not just view 3D movie and trailers. Like a camcorder.

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I am getting the 3DS on Sunday. The features and games it has now should hold me until this update. :)

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If I understand this correctly, then I will be Downloading OOT and Starfox instead of getting it in a box. If it saves me cash, then I'm all up for it. But more than that, I'm wondering about the extent of the AR Functionality. Will Elebits be making a debut on the 3DS? Will I be able to play with some friends in a game of life sized Bomberman? These are the things that I want to know!!!

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@sebetai the 3ds can do 3d video as well as pictures out of the box, I think.

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I remember at GDC that it was said 3DS will eventually be able to record 3D video.

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Okay after this, I've decided to FOR SURE buy a Nintendo 3DS....but in May. I think it's the smartest thing because I'll be out of school and have time to enjoy, the content update will be out (which seems CRUCIAL to me because it includes a web browser and store), and I'll have a chance to let the hype simmer out a bit and go to gamestop to see it in action.

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" However, it seems the number of transfers will be fixed at a specific number" Yeah ok..lets complicate things I guess.Still better then no transfers but still BS.