3DS to receive right analog pad, Monster Hunter - Report

Nintendo developing new peripheral to be used on right side of system; Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS outed for end of year release.


If recent rumors are to be believed, Nintendo is developing a second analog pad attachment for its 3DS handheld. Now, thanks to online leaks of the upcoming issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang), it looks like those rumors are proving accurate.

Nintendo fans will get a right analog pad and a new Monster Hunter in the near future.
Nintendo fans will get a right analog pad and a new Monster Hunter in the near future.

According to scans from the magazine, Nintendo is developing a peripheral that adds a second circle analog pad to the 3DS. From pictures on the Famitsu article, the device looks like it will attach to the back of the 3DS (like the system's charge cradle), with the analog stick on the right side. Because the right side of the device blocks the existing right trigger, the attachment also comes with its own trigger button. Currently, there is no release date set for the add-on.

Famitsu also unveiled that Capcom is developing a Monster Hunter title for the 3DS. Titled Monster Hunter 3G, the game will use the swimming mechanics of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, and it will feature 12 categories of weapons, touch-screen controls, and local wireless play.

Details on whether the new Monster Hunter title will use the 3DS StreetPass system have yet to be confirmed. The game is slated to be out in Japan by the end of the year and will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

An English localized version of the title has yet to be confirmed.

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