3DS Demo For Monster Hunter RPG, Stories, Now Available

Try the first few hours of Monster Hunter Stories before it's released.

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The next 3DS installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories, launches in the US on September 8. Players who'd like to sample an early portion of the game ahead of its release can download a free demo, which is available in the 3DS Eshop right now.

Unlike previous titles in the series, Monster Hunter Stories is a turn-based RPG. The game trades the series' realistic visuals and monster designs for a much more colorful, cartoony look. In this entry, players take on the role of a Monster Rider, collecting and hatching monsters rather than hunting them. You'll be able to use the different monsters you hatch to form teams and unleash "powerful combo attacks" with their unique abilities.

Unlike many other demos on the service, the Monster Hunter Stories demo lets 3DS owners play through the first few hours of the game. Those who purchase the full version once it's released will be able to transfer their save data over from the demo, including all of the monsters and items they've collected.

A demo for Monster Hunter XX is also available right now on Switch, but only in Japanese. Meanwhile, the series' next traditional installment, Monster Hunter: World, is slated to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018, with a PC release following after. Capcom recently released a series of trailers that give fans a detailed overview of the 14 different weapons classes featured in that title.

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Avatar image for dcoutten

I have no interest in MH but I always wanted a pokemon game with strong MH influence. This seems the closest I'm going to get. Only played like the first 30-45 minutes but I'm enjoying it so far.

Avatar image for tarynyel

Somehow this reminds me of Pokemon, which isn't a bad thing....i think I should try the Demo.

Avatar image for indojimbo

After playing the demo I gotta say I must pre order the full game, its a great JRPG.

Avatar image for FallenOneX

I was getting ready to download the Switch MH demo when this article came out....

Avatar image for catsimboy

I wanna kick whoever designed your companion cat, in the balls. The character is so ugly and at odds with every other Felyne in MH. I've read there's story reasons why he looks like that. But I don't care. You don't make the character who constantly says stuff during battles so ugly. It's like a throwaway Tom and Jerry secondary character design.

Avatar image for nefphlegm

Just downloaded the demo.

Avatar image for rarecandy1

since getting a switch, im not really bothered or interested with the 3ds.

port it to the switch please!

Avatar image for dirthurts

@rarecandy1: Exactly this. All the ports please.