3DS - Best Games of 2014 Nominees

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See our nominees for 3DS Game of the Year
The best 3DS games for the year are here. Which one will reign supreme?

The 2014 Nintendo 3DS lineup exemplifies the portable platform's ability to offer classic gaming experiences with thoughtful and inventive modern twists. Take Japanese role-playing games, for example. Bravely Default brought the genre forward in ways that have been holding Final Fantasy back for years, by allowing you to personalise how much or how little you wanted to grind in random battles. Meanwhile, actual Final Fantasy nostalgia was served up in fantastic rhythm game form with Theatrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

As for old-school platforming, Shovel Knight delivered a dose of memorable challenge, with plenty of throwbacks to NES-era classics. The portable world's most long-awaited crossover charmed and delighted in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Finally, though it may not play as well as its Wii U counterpart, the fact that an entire Super Smash Bros. game was successfully condensed into handheld form made the 3DS the first place to go for the ultimate blast through Nintendo history.

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Avatar image for awsomeguy23465

i see how SSB4 got on there i played the game its good but how the F*ck did theatyrim final fantasy get on there but WTF

Avatar image for awsomeguy23465

theatrym final fantasy is hard as crap

Avatar image for awsomeguy23465

And how did pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire NOT get on there?!

Avatar image for bboymrmaestro

Ah, bet Persona Q came in too late, but this is a heavy set of games either way!

Avatar image for Dragonflyer123

Persona q is easily the goty IMO