3DO to publish for the Nintendo GameCube

3DO announces that it will be bringing its popular franchises to the GameCube.


In a press release issued this morning, 3DO announced that it will be bringing a number of games from its popular franchises to the Nintendo GameCube. Specific series named in this announcement were Army Men, Cubix Robots for Everyone, High Heat Major League Baseball, and Jonny Moseley Mad Trix.

"3DO has a great history of creating games that Nintendo gamers want to play," said Juana Tingdale, vice president of licensing for Nintendo of America. "We are excited to see 3DO bringing games to the Nintendo GameCube that fit so well with our customers."

3DO will be releasing an original, GameCube exclusive Army Men game named Sarge's War, which will be based on the popular Sarge's Heroes series. We'll have more on these games from the E3 show floor.

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