3DO reports smooth launch for JumpGate

The massively multiplayer online space sim's servers have been active more than 99 percent of the time since its launch last month.


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The 3DO Company has announced that its massively multiplayer online space sim, JumpGate, had a smooth launch last month and has since been experiencing steady growth. According to the company, the game's servers have been active more than 99 percent of the time since the game's launch, a figure the developers attribute to a limited-edition launch and a well-managed beta test.

"Between an outstanding effort on the part of our internal teams, NetDevil's excellent technology, and a well-managed beta test, we were able to go live on the first day with none of the issues that have plagued so many online games," said Jeff Cretcher, vice president of Internet games for 3DO.

JumpGate was created by Colorado-based developer NetDevil. The game is a massively multiplayer sci-fi space simulation that incorporates a number of role-playing elements, such as character development and levels. The game is set in a persistent online universe where players can join one of three different competing factions and engage in trade, combat, and a variety of other activities. For more information, read our full review of the game.

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