3DO Brings World Destruction to the PlayStation

3DO officially announces World Destruction League, a vehicular combat game for the PlayStation.


Swept up in the chaos of E3 was 3DO's announcement that it is releasing a new vehicular combat game for the original PlayStation. World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks puts up to two players in world famous environments, where they use high-powered weaponry to annihilate the competition. The World Destruction League is in a futuristic setting where combatants fight in a televised arena. Players take the role of an upcoming star and hop into one of nine mammoth tanks, each equipped with its own armor, guns, and special abilities.

The 30 different arenas are set in locales around the world including Italy, Moscow, Tokyo, Canada, and a underground NORAD facility. Naturally, landmarks specific areas are present and can be destroyed -- gamers can open fire on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St. Basil's Cathedral, etc. Different environmental factors -- such as muc, snow, etc. -- will affect the handling of the tanks.

Modes of play include gauntlet, king of the hill, convey, renegade and frenzy. Trip Hawkins, chairman and CEO of The 3DO Company, said, "Gamers love tanks, and we've had great success with tank games. Our customers have been teaching us what they want, and we're going to give it to them. World Destruction League will have more and better tank gameplay, but it will also go over the top and let you make fun and laugh it up."

GameSpot will have more information, as it becomes available.

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