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3D WinBench 97: What Is it Good for?

The people who brought you Winstone and WinBench have released a new benchmark test that objectively measures your system's 3-D graphic performance. Find out how to get the ZDBOp-designed program.


You think you're getting great 3-D performance out of your PC, but how can you be sure? By running 3D WinBench 97. This new program provides, in astounding detail, a view of your system's 3-D performance, testing everything from image quality to polygon throughput. It offers an ideal way to do before-and-after evaluations of graphics components and drivers; so the next time you upgrade your system - most likely after spending a few hundred on a new 3-D card - you'll know exactly what you got in return.

3D WinBench 97 was developed by Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operations (ZDBOp) - the same group that developed industry-standard performance tests such as Winstone and WinBench. The new test runs a complete set of proprietary tests that measure the performance of your PC's 3-D subsystem, which includes the Direct3D software (DirectX v3.0a is required), the monitor, the graphics adapter, the graphics driver, and the bus used to carry information from the graphics adapter to and from the processor subsystem…everything you wanted to know about your PC's 3-D system but didn't know who to ask.

It is the only test of its kind currently available. Grab it at ZDBOp's download page.

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