3D game clones come to life

A partnership between 3Q and Haptek will let gamers capture, build, and animate realistic 3D clones of themselves.


Developers 3Q and Haptek today announced a partnership that will let gamers capture, build, and animate a realistic virtual 3D clone of themselves. Using 3Q's Q-Clone Generators located in Seattle, San Jose, and Dallas, players can capture accurate 3D images of their faces and build a 3D game clone, which can then be used in PC games like Quake III Arena. Under the new partnership, players will now be able to give their clone automated personality, gestures, and emotions using People Putty, Haptek's personality animation software.

The companies are demonstrating their technology at the SIGGRAPH 2001 convention for graphics professionals this week in Los Angeles. For more information, visit the 3Q Web site and the Haptek Web site.

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