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38 Studios pondering move to Rhode Island

On precipice of debut game's world premiere, Massachusetts-based developer considering relocation to the Ocean State for a possible $75 million in loan guarantees.


In 2006, Red Sox pitcher and noted EverQuest fan Curt Schilling established his own development studio, Green Monster Games. That operation has yet to officially reveal its first game, but it has already changed names to 38 Studios and could soon change states as well.

To date, all 38 Studios has shown of its games is a handful of concept art pieces for Copernicus.
To date, all 38 Studios has shown of its games is a handful of concept art pieces for Copernicus.

The Boston Globe today is reporting that Schilling's outfit has a meeting with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation later this week. The studio is reportedly seeking $75 million in loan guarantees from a pool of $125 million in guarantees the state set aside for high-tech companies last month.

While Massachusetts doesn't offer tax breaks or other incentives directed specifically at game companies, a representative for the state's secretary of housing and economic development told the paper there were other options. For example, the state has programs that provide benefits like tax credits to companies that commit to adding permanent positions to the payrolls.

38 Studios currently has two main locations, with two separate projects in development, codenamed Copernicus and Mercury, the latter of which is set to make its world premiere next week. The studio has a July 22 panel to unveil the role-playing game at the San Diego Comic-Con, with Schilling joined by lead designer Ken Rolston, Spawn creator and 38 Studios executive art director Todd McFarlane, and fantasy author R. A. Salvatore, who hold the position of 38 Studios' "executive creator of worlds."

A representative of 38 Studios declined to comment on the matter for GameSpot.

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