372,000 Wiis sold in Japan in 2 days

<i>Famitsu</i> publishes estimates for the "new-gen" console's launch, which saw Nintendo narrowly miss its 400,000-unit target.


Wii Sports
Wii Play

Nintendo has reportedly sold the vast majority of its promised launch stock for its next-gen console in Japan. According to Weekly Famitsu, the game giant sold 371,936 Wiis during December 2 and 3, just shy of its 400,000 target. That's five times the 80,000 consoles the top Japanese gaming magazine estimates were available at the PlayStation 3's Japanese launch on November 11. Both consoles quickly sold out.

According to Famitsu, the Japanese software tie ratio for the Wii is 1.69, which means that most people who bought the console also bought two games. The PS3's Japanese tie ratio weighed in at just 0.98, which some interpreted to mean that many of the Sony systems had been bought a la carte for resale on the secondary market.

In Japan, Wii Sports did not come free bundled with the Wii as it did in the US--and will in Europe. However, the game was still the top title, with sales of 176,880 units. Wii Play followed closely in second place, selling 171,888 copies, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was in third, shifting 145,068 games.

Other games in the top 10 included: Tecmo's Super Swing Golf in fifth place, with 12,673 units sold; Ubisoft's Red Steel at number eight, selling 8,823 copies, and Konami's Elebits at 10 with 6,505.

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