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360 World in Conflict cools until '08

Console owners will have to wait until next year to fight Sierra's alternate-history WWIII RTS.


In mid-June, Sierra Entertainment revealed it was bringing World in Conflict to the Xbox 360. A week later, the Vivendi Games division revealed that the console version of the real-time strategy game would ship during 2007's jam-packed fall release schedule.

Today, however, Sierra literally called back the bombers. Less than two weeks after the PC version of World in Conflict received rapt reviews, the 360 edition has now been pushed back until early next year. Weighing in at a terse 140 words, the delay announcement gave no reason for the game's postponement.

World in Conflict is set during an alternate history that portrays a fictional Third World War. Rather than sit passively by as its Warsaw Pact vassal states revolt in 1989, the Soviet Union invades Western Europe, which touches off a global conflict replete with limited tactical nuclear warfare. The game's story was written by Larry Bond, coauthor of the Tom Clancy novel Red Storm Rising, which also chronicles a fictional US-USSR war. A demo of the PC version of the game is available via GameSpot Downloads.

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