360 Supreme Commander mobilizes

Hellbent Games-adapted edition of Gas Powered Games' large-scale RTS goes gold, set for June 23 release on Microsoft's console.


Aspyr Media announced in January that it was bringing Gas Powered Games' epic-scale real-time strategy Supreme Commander to the Xbox 360. Better yet, the publisher wasn't going to make fans wait too terribly long, saying the game would arrive by March. However, with that month nearly a thing of the past, Aspyr revised the game's release date to a broad "late spring to early summer."

That new date has proved to be spot-on, as Aspyr announced today that Supreme Commander on the Xbox 360 has received certification from Microsoft and entered mass production for distribution on June 23. As noted in November, the console edition of Supreme Commander has been developed by Hellbent Games in conjunction with Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games.

With sense of scale still the primary selling point for Supreme Commander, the Xbox 360 edition of the game will offer a number of tweaks from the original PC game released in February 2007. In addition to console-exclusive units, Supreme Commander offers a variety of new online modes as well as updated multiplayer maps. The game will include both single- and multiplayer components, with adversarial online matches accommodating up to four players and co-op supporting up to three.

For an idea of what to expect from Supreme Commander on the Xbox 360, check out GameSpot's review of the PC original and its November 2007 expansion, Forged Alliance.

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