360 sales beat PS3 in Japan

Release of Ace Combat 6 boosts sales of Microsoft's system just ahead of Sony's competition.


Microsoft has had a notoriously difficult time cracking the Japanese console market, but this week the company notched its biggest victory in the country since Halo 3 topped the sales charts. The latest figures from Media Create show that the Xbox 360 sold more units than Sony's PlayStation 3 in the Land of the Rising Sun for the week ending November 4.

Last week's figures showed the DS Lite still on top with 78,552 units; the PlayStation Portable following with 59,714; the Wii at 37,617; the Xbox 360 at 17,673; the PS3 at 17,434; and the PS2 at 10,209.

By contrast, the previous week's sales recorded 3,718 Xbox 360s sold, and the week before, 3,011. The jump in sales was attributed to the release of the 360-exclusive game Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, which debuted at number two in the chart, and sold 76,708 copies in the first week.

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