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360 R6 Vegas mapped, F.E.A.R. updated

Ubisoft releases five new maps for recent Tom Clancy title, while free modes arrive for Sierra's supernatural action game, with multiple map packs on the way.


A pair of Xbox 360 shooters are getting injections of new content this week, as the Xbox Live Marketplace now features a map pack for Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas and a free update for Sierra Entertainment's F.E.A.R.

In April, Ubisoft rolled out the Player's Pack: Red Edition for Rainbow Six Vegas. The downloadable content bundle featured two new game types and five new maps. Now the other shoe has dropped, as Rainbow Six Vegas players can download the Player's Pack: Black Edition from the Xbox Live Marketplace, which includes five maps, three of them entirely new, and two revamped versions of older Rainbow Six maps. Like the Red Edition before it, the Black Edition pack sells for 800 Microsoft points ($10).

Clocking in at 120MB, the F.E.A.R. update adds a pair of new multiplayer game types to the supernatural shooter. In control mode, players work in teams to seize and hold three separate points on a map for the longest stretch of time. Conquer all mode builds on the control mode rules with five key points. A team can win the match by controlling all five points at once, with time of possession and team kills determining a winner if no team can secure all five points simultaneously.

Sierra Entertainment has also said that it will release three new map packs for F.E.A.R. over the course of the summer.

[UPDATE] The Rainbow Six Vegas Player's Pack: Black Edition has been pulled from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Representatives with Ubisoft and Microsoft have not yet returned GameSpot's requests for an explanation on why the pack was pulled, or when it will be made available again.

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