360, PS3, portables getting Civ-ilized

[UPDATE] The latest chapter in Sid Meier's Civilization series will arrive on handhelds and next-gen systems next spring.


Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Civilization games, from veteran programmer and games designer Sid Meier, have for some time focused on the PC market. However, the series is to make a return to the console market early next year.

Civilization Revolution is scheduled for release on unspecified "next generation consoles" and handhelds--but publisher Take-Two refused to be name a specific platforms. [UPDATE] However, a trailer for the game displayed the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 logos at its bottom.

Meier said of Civilization Revolution, "[This] is the game I've always wanted to make!" The latest incarnation will retain the original style epic single-player campaigns, along with new features, including real-time interaction with leaders and advisors, "extensive" multiplayer capabilities, and integrated voice and video chat.

There will be 16 civilizations to "master and lead to victory," a variety of famous historical leaders to play as or against, and a streamlined time scale for a more action-based feel. The online multiplayer mode will feature team battles, head-to-head battles, and free-for-all matches. Additionally, auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards, achievements, and downloadable extra content will all be available.

The first Civilization game was released by MicroProse back in 1991 on the PC, Mac, Amiga, Atari ST, and Super NES, and was subtitled "Build an Empire To Stand The Test of Time." The single-player turn-based strategy title had players expanding an empire through the ages and was one of the first in the "God Game" genre. It was followed by a host of sequels and other similar titles, including Age of Empires, and Sim City also drew inspiration from it.

Civilization: Revolution is being developed by Firaxis Games and will be published on Take-Two's 2K label. The game will be released on as-yet unnamed "next generation consoles and handhelds" in Spring 2008.

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