360 not supporting Xbox controllers

Microsoft Japan confirms that current Xbox controllers won't be able to connect to the next-generation console.


In an interview published in the latest issue of Famitsu Xbox, Microsoft Japan Xbox platform development chief Shinichi Manaka reveals that there are currently no plans for the Xbox 360 to support the controllers used by the current-generation Xbox console.

"It won't connect, and we have no plans to support that. The Xbox 360 is designed to be wireless, and we would like everyone to get used to this new environment. You just can't go back once you get used to a wireless environment," commented Manaka to Famitsu Xbox.

[NOTE: Microsoft has repeatedly said that the 360 will support wired versions of its controllers--which must be purchased separately--through the console's three USB ports. The console's wireless controllers will also be able to be hooked up to the console with a cable while recharging.]

Manaka also revealed that the Xbox 360's wireless controller uses a proprietary technology that's been created almost from scratch, rather than from existing wireless systems such as Bluetooth. "The wireless technologies that are currently available were created for multiple uses. So while they're good as an all-purpose technology, they cause a lot of time lag and other issues for gaming purposes. For games, even a half-second lag is a major issue. We concluded that it would be more efficient if we created our own technology rather than use something that's already out there," said Manaka.

Manaka also stated that using conventional wireless technology raises issues in battery life, which was another factor that led Microsoft to go with its own wireless technology.

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