360 Eragon demo takes flight

Downloadable snippet of book-to-film-to-game adaptation gives gamers a taste of dragons, swords, and sorcery.


Eragon won't hit theaters until December 15, but those members who can't wait for the movie (and aren't inclined to read the book on which it's based) can get a taste of the fantasy action film early with a 415.28MB demo of the Xbox 360 game, now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo drops players into the role of young Eragon as he fights his way across a bridge, beset by enemy soldiers and archers. Players will be able to learn the ropes of the game, throw enemies off a bridge, cast spells, shoot arrows, and call in reinforcements in the form of a giant dragon.

Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said on his blog that the content is now available for Xbox Live Gold members, but he did not mention when Silver subscribers would be able to get hands-on with the game. This will be a nonissue for newcomers to Xbox Live (or those willing to create another account), as new sign-ups for an Xbox Live Silver membership get a month of Gold free.

Eragon is rated T for Teen and is scheduled to ship to retail November 14. Versions of the game will also be available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, PlayStation Portable, DS, and Game Boy Advance.

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Avatar image for wakko19991

this demo was horrible. the pacing was predictable as was the transitions in difficulty. corny voices were lame 2

Avatar image for PoolShark

to tell you the truth...i thought it was okay...not the best demo i've ever played but the game looks worth renting at least....even if just for the 1k achievement points....even though i don't remember this scene from the book...doubt it was in there

Avatar image for DirtyRotten

I think all the bad feedback made'em pull the demo off the marketplace, it's no longer listed.

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

I didn't bother downloading it because the game just reeks of crap!

Avatar image for jcloverboy

This demo was horrible - the movie doesn't look too good either. Worst demo I've played on 360.

Avatar image for LegionOSH

Am I the only one who thought this was the BIGGEST piece of crap EVER!!! Pardon the language mods but this thing should have never been made. Period. End of Line. Kevin legionosh@msn.com

Avatar image for Guyzea

Wow the demo was really bad, it had Gameboy Pocket-type graphics.

Avatar image for lord-azrael

looks lame,dont think ill waste my time

Avatar image for VFA-102

This game might as well have been called Lord Of the Rings, because I'm not really sure there is a difference. I played the demo for 3 min, and deleted it. Gameplay is generic. It's a bad adaption of a great book series.

Avatar image for keinuveye

wow, with these demos you usually get one or two people saying it was ok. in this case i'm seeing quite literally that, one out of 50. Hopefully no one buys this game so whack-*$$ games that get rushed will make no money and publishers learn their lesson.

Avatar image for Bear-Max

The game looks like it's going to be just as bad as the book.

Avatar image for OfficialBed

this game is most likely gonna suck

Avatar image for jolsen

Everyone else has already expressed my feelings, but this demo is so bad I had to register my distaste. This demo reeks of a hastily and cheaply made tie-in to a movie of questionable quality. Bad gameplay, bad graphics. Don't bother.

Avatar image for legs1986

Great book. Mediocre movie. Horrible game.

Avatar image for Fire_Fly

The book was great. The movie will suck. The game will be your average movie-tie-in (Crap in other words)

Avatar image for cesarotromundo

ok so i tried this game and I want to warn everyone, I'm been honest. .....the game graphics are almost PS2 graphics, which is bad for a 60 dolar game. .... the worst part though its that its like a cheap copy of those lord of the ring games, the action ones. and those werent good either. the way the game is made is really poor, it has a lot of potential, but its not used in the right way. if you guys still want to try it, go ahead, but you are going to waste 10 minutes of your life.

Avatar image for Anakin1092

Crap, I wanted this game to be good.

Avatar image for Bathyj

ace666 "I'm pretty sure a lot of the people giving it a bad rap probably didn't even play it due to graphics which is sad because graphics are only a portion of what makes a game" A lot of people like to pretend gameplay is the only important thing and graphics dont matter at all. Like they're sooooo hardcore cause they dont care about graphics. Before you all tell me gameplay is the most important thing, yes I know. A game with great Gameplay and crap Graphics can still survive in this world, but I maintain if the importance of glameplay gets a score of 10 out of 10 then graphics must still get at least an 8. Hopefully most the time the two go hand in hand and the graphics actually enhance the gameplay and make it better than it would have been if the graphics sucked. Afterall the whole time you're playing a game your looking at it, so it makes sense you should like what you see. Plus your 1st impression is on the graphics and you only get to make one. Everyones been dying to get Assassins Creed since we first saw it, yet we knew nothing other than the fact it looked awesome. Anyway both are important.

Avatar image for kekejefferis

The demos awful! lasted about 15 miniutes on my hard drive until I deleted the thing. Terrible graphics terrible gameplay you can hardly see what your doing and the voice acting is some of the worst iv heard. Stay away from this.

Avatar image for Supreme_Fantasy


Avatar image for jasimo

Not good. I played it for about 20 minutes then deleted it. As others have mentioned, bad gameplay, bad graphics, bad everything. This game is really gonna tank. For those that enjoy the book/s, pray that the movie is better than this game.

Avatar image for StumpyTrash

yet another crappy movie-based game... is anyone really surprised? the exceptions being Chronicles of Riddick and King Kong, of course...

Avatar image for TheRealGL

are you serious?

Avatar image for profbooger

i agree the demo stinks... so sad, i kinda liked the books

Avatar image for Bladefist

This game is so bad, it makes me want to kill myself.

Avatar image for newfg311

Pretty poor game IMO. Trying to be a cheap version of LOTR but fails.

Avatar image for Benny_is_here

Well, I thought it was pretty **** It had some interesting combos, but it's basically a poor game. Graphics are a small improvement over last-gen, gameplay is poor and so on. According to the cutscenes, the movie seems to suck as well. Awful dialog!

Avatar image for xshinobi

I liked it

Avatar image for STARS_Splinter

hoped this might be good. In the end, its just like the Chronicles of Narnia game. An ok game translation of the film, it plays ok, it looks ok, it feels ok. Theres nothing special or memorable about any part of it... at all.

Avatar image for ace666

Ok...this game is not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. The gameplay is pretty cool if u take the time to learn some combos. Also, about the graphics, you guys realize that this game is coming out for ps2 and xbox also. So the engine isn't built specifically for the 360. They pretty much made the same game across the board and for the 360 just upped the resolution. That being said, It's still not a bad looking game at all and if you give it a chance you might like it. I'm pretty sure a lot of the people giving it a bad rap probably didn't even play it due to graphics which is sad because graphics are only a portion of what makes a game...

Avatar image for Killian420

this game is dissapointing

Avatar image for princeofgames90

Well i have see to bleove (DONWLOADING)

Avatar image for lakai0rdie

This game should never exist.

Avatar image for pXxJoSexXp

It can be the worst crap ever, but I doubt it gets a lower score than Bomberman :lol:

Avatar image for Flat_Line_____

I had a feeling from the one game clip I saw this game was gonna be not so great... Looks like the response from people that have played the demo agree. I guess I can stop the download on this one lol.

Avatar image for hazuki

Now creating a new account and getting another month free of xbox live doesnt work for me anymore. I was able to on 3 profiles, deleted 2, but still would only let me have silver.

Avatar image for shaggyaz

it takes flight and it falls in failure

Avatar image for axes03

i never even heard of this before, and since everyone says it sucks,forget it

Avatar image for BL1NDS1DE

and it sucks

Avatar image for SoralinkGS

I didn't like the demo, but its nice to finally see XBL gold members getting some exclusive content.

Avatar image for Sargus

The book = Awesome. One of my favorites. The movie = Eh, could be pretty cool. Hopefully. The game(s) = Let's just say I'm really worried.

Avatar image for OtterX

Wow... I hope they're not charging $60 for this game.... I've seen better graphics on some regular Xbox games. This demo was HORRIBLE. They thought releasing a demo would help their sales of this game? I think they just killed any shot they had.

Avatar image for phinsfan

I liked the book, but this is a disgrace.

Avatar image for Upryse

It does actually look like something the PS2 could just about cope with. Pathetic excuse for a game.

Avatar image for JYGFluffy212

yeah this game is horrible a waste of time for downloading

Avatar image for Devallyk

I downloaded it and played through it. And it's bad. Really, really bad.

Avatar image for TintedChimes

mars_elliot he's not being cheap, he's just poor. Besides, Microsoft always promised that demos for silver membership as well.

Avatar image for Charlie2688

I bet EVERYONE will want this demo....ha...ha...ha...NOT funny

Avatar image for nuttybar

Dont bother downloading, this is an awful demo. Graphics, sound, physics, combat, animations, controls...everything about this game is terrible.

Avatar image for harry007

shear garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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