360 Call of Duty 2 updated

Auto fix-it from Infinity Ward addresses issues with corrupted saved-game files; multiplayer lag issues being worked on.


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There's nothing like risking life and limb on foreign soil by crawling through the mud in minefields, dodging enemy fire from MP40s and Panzerschrecks, and watching comrades get riddled with bullets--only to have to go through it again because of a corrupted game-save file. That was the case for some Xbox 360 Call of Duty 2 players, who found that when they returned to the virtual battlefield, their hard-won progress had been deleted.

Today, developer Infinity Ward announced that it has released an update for the game that will let the war go on. On a post in the Xbox.com forums, a user by the name of "IWsupport" writes that the update "addresses a save game corruption issue that affected player progression for some people within the single player saved campaigns."

One other complaint of the critically well-received game deals with the multiplayer portion of the game. Game lag, or network latency, has caused several Xbox Live users to cry foul, saying the multiplayer portion is unplayable. IWsupport's post reveals that the team is currently looking into those issues and will hopefully be able to resolve them.

"We are pleased to announce that we are testing a number of multiplayer enhancements to the community, including addressing the lag issues. We are working really hard on these updates. Development is a timely process and we appreciate your patience."

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