360 backward-compatibility update rereleased

[UPDATE] New, briefly withdrawn patch supports most current-gen Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six games.


When Microsoft first released the backward-compatibility list for the Xbox 360, many gamers were shocked by some names that weren't on it. Nowhere to be found were three of the top franchises for the original Xbox: Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell.

Late last night, Microsoft updated the backward-compatibility list with eight games from the trio of Tom Clancy-inspired series. Software emulators for Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon 2, Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike, Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory all became available for download.

However, within hours of the new update's release, reports began to circulate that it was causing problems with Halo 2. Several GameSpot editors discovered that when they inserted Halo 2 into their 360 consoles, a prompt appeared saying that a software update was needed to play the game.

However, after the update was installed, Halo 2 would only play in the standard 4x3 TV dimensions, not the 16x9 letterbox format used by high-definition televisions. Also, the game's graphics appeared compressed--a dramatic shift from its previously crisp, HD textures.

When contacted by GameSpot, Microsoft reps confirmed the problem and said a new, Halo 2-compatible version would be available shortly.

[UPDATE] Sure enough, late Friday, a bug-free version of the backwards compatibility update was available on Xbox.com and Xbox Live.

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as long as they make patches to fix these issues then is alright. MS fixed issues before. I agree with Artorius comment about the PS3 i read about it somewhere on the web. I'm sure everyone take their games over their friends house to play once in a while, you wont be able to trade/sell to anyone.

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Microsoft had to know this wuz gonna happen dey try to push the 360 before Ps3 and now they have to fix the problems cuased by it

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Well lets see the most played game on Xbox live is halo2 so it would seem MS would want to make sure that 360 could still play the game online. Because even though there are some great launch titles I 'm sure the Halo2 is still very popular with the 360 crowd. Props to MS for making sure one of my favorite xbox will run like butter on my 360! When Gamestop ever gets mine is that is. Never really enjoyed the Ghost Recon series much, but I am a big fan of the Splinter Cell series, and seeing a new Splinter Cell is due out this spring for the 360 it's really not a big deal if the BC doesn't support the series. Did you hear that the PS3 is going to probably have a chip in that will prevent people from playing used games? Which means if you buy a game for the PS3 and spent $60.00 - $70.00 and don't like it your stuck with it because no-one else will be able to use it. Check out the latest Gameinformer with Sam Fisher on the cover for details. LOL!!!

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They can fix picture formatting and bugs and whatnot with patching, but they still can't fix the bigger problem...these games suck.

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downloading files to play xbox games is just a trick to get people to get on xbox live

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Now that Splinter Cell is backwards compatible, I only need one more game: Star Wars Battlefront II. Once that's on the list my X-box will be going in the garage!

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no! my beloved prince of persia isnt on the list! how long must i wait to play two thrones in HD?!? HOW LONG!!!?? *sobs then eats a 5 pound jug of icecream*

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whos named tor??

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Just for the record: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory > Halo & Halo 2. Oh, and I agree about the trash talkers and kids, you can never get a good game in anymore because the people who play suck/have no skill/use cheap moves/are annoying mo*** f***ers. And yes, Halo 2 is beyond over rated.

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That was quick for Microsoft. As for Halo 2. Online is basically taken over by kids and trash talkers. Halo 2 is not for me anymore.

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This is why u dont buy something as soon as it comes out. If i had enought money to buy it i would wait until all the bugs and hardware issues were fixed

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since everyone likes tossing out an opinion i figure why not me too. The truth is every console has A problem at some point th ekey notion is A problem. If there are more than one they usually arent all at once. However when u release hardware that is so potent as that of a computers, or more you have to realize there are a lot of things that can go wrong if one thing jes goes bad. M$ is doing their best to address the problems however i think they should stow the taking down Sony idea until they have a machine that doesnt need constant tweaking. Im sure the ps3 will have problems much like the ps2 did its the name of the game when u have hardware. however the fact that someone is tyring to say were better than our competitor but look at our problem list well wheres the sense in that. i wish M$ all the luck im sure ill get one eventually but honestly im not buyign your games to support your cause to be number one i buy games that i love to play be it Sony, M$, and if I owned a GC then nintendo. Im not buying your products because i think hardware is better, cause to that i will say the my NES, SNES, and Genesis were way better in terms of they had no problems. FOR THE HORDE!

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will these games be added to the eorupean list

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do you need xbox live to play the xbox games on the 360

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is this only for the us or for all the world

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It seems like it's under control now, but those shortages still need to be tended to.

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I so wish GameSpot would feature an age filter, so each post made under a certain threshold wouldn't show up on my screen. If I could set this filter to >= 18, this whole thread would probably only consist of three or four posts...

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i'm hungry

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What's next, arms and legs sprouting out from the console and then taking over the city with laser cannons and rocket launchers?

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I do wish these ppl would stop moaning!!! Are they the die hard ps fans or something? Every console has bugs at launch every pc has bugs when ya buy it or will develope a bug at some stage... jus thank microsoft that they are actually allowin the ability to update the software on the 360 or you would send countless amounts of consoles back. ppl should stop whingin if you that bothered about it being defective DONT BUY ONE!!!!!

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Backwards compatible my ass, Halo 2 is still the only game that works on the freshly updated 360 sitting in the cabinet. Good job Microsoft!

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it just shows Microsoft's commitment and efficiency.

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Referring to paul on page 1 they released a fix bug free version, and the thing about it not being compatible with halo 2, yea that is a big problem because a lot of people play halo 2

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Wish I had a 360...so I could have problems. LOL

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constant downloading for software updates why not just play on PC?

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Never rush a console release, yes their are problems sometimes but bugs must be fixed there are many rumors goin around the X360 because of freezing, scratced discs, overheating, loud noises and just plain not working. My friend had stood in a long wait for one and got one, he takes it home and invites me over. I say sure we play on his dads new HD-TV (which we werent allowed 2 but the graphics looked good) and then it freezes. He gets pissed, we get in trouble and he loses a ton of money. Anyways Fix your bugs MS thats why Sony and Nintendo are fixing their systems to make it better than the 360 altho Nintendo is goin for a more inovated crowed and "new type gamers"

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What about 2k sports games like NFL 2k5, the best football game ever.

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This is (was) an extremely minor issue and all of you making it out to be some huge thing have questionable intelligence.

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i've heard thats the 360 had major problems.. rather than the backward complatibility.. i've heard that.. the first batch for the 360 had graphics chips problems and overheating problems.. it will mess up ur graphics.. a major bummer.. and there's some issue about the 360 enormous adaptor.. well.. im just waiting for sony ps3.. then i'll judge what im gonna buy.. lolz.. MESSED UP! ha! even if ur 360 dont hav one of theese problems.. ur not safe yet.. it will generate this problem later... ahaha!

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emulation!!! Yes!

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omg ok im only reading some of these comments but did any of you finish reading this artical before you commented it was a small glitch and its fixed. what the hell. read the whole aretickle before you drop crap out of your hole. i.e.NeoJedi, Donkeljohn,Paul_Phoenicks....

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i don't see what's so hard to understand about playing an old game on the Xbox 360... it's not like people just want to play their old games on the new system. Think about a person who never owned an xbox, but decided to get an xbox 360. They were thrilled when they found out it was backwards compatible, so that they could finally pick up some great games that were for the xbox. I know if I were to get an xbox 360 (which i probably never will), I'd want to play Halo 2 because i never got to have it before. That's what backwards compatibility should be about. And all this crap about "omgz0rz!!!!1!! y wuld NE1 want 2 play teh 0ld gamez NEmor? This is l1ke teh next generation!!!!1!!!!!" is dumb. Just because the graphics are on par with gaming quality PCs doesn't mean the gameplay is any different. I would much rather play Halo 2 than some unimpressive, bulky, worthless graphical update of games that I've already played.

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Seems like everything Microsoft does looks good on paper, but in reality a totally different thing.

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Microsoft is so lucky they have a big ass head start. I think problems like this would cause people to buy the N Rev over the 360

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if they wernt such cheap ass they would have put the xbox chip set with in the system so they wouldnt have too emu it oh well gta sure looks great on the 360 im happy with my 360 cant wait too see the next batch of 360 games who cares about the xbox games now any ways

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I played Pandora Tomorrow all morning, halo who?

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Oh well. Some kinks in the emulation process are expected, particularly early on. I'll stick w/ Microsoft that software emulation is better than making the 360 even more expensive by adding backwards compatible hardware.

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That's crazy, I dont understand why they didn't just include full backwards compatibility that would've really pleased xbox fans big time.

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Im just glad Im waiting to get my 360 so they can fix all the problems before I pay 400 dollars for error haha for the people who waited in line that got bad systems they most definetly rushed this system out and people have problems hope you got insurance and I hope microsoft is working out the kinks that's why it's taking so long to re-release

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CodingGenius: You wan't a gaming level PC? Good luck on ponying up the $1500 - $2000 for one.

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any idea when they might make an emulator for prince of persia: warrior within or the two thones

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What your problem Microsoft?

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This console woulda been ebtter released in arly 06 instead of now with all these bad glithcs and stuff.

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Well i would rather htey worked on the Star wars battle front series

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Listen, bottom line is that this system is not made to play these old games. It has an entirely different video card than the 360, and if your biggest concern is playing old ass games from the xbox then you shouldn't have bought the 360. Eventually they will iron out the problems with this emulation garbage and your classic games will work, but it will take TIME. Everyone is getting their panties in a twist cuz god forbid they can't instantly gratify their craving to play Halo 2. Well, I say: " tough break Ni&&as!" :-(

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It's an amazing feat in the first place to emulate x86 hardware on the PPC ISA. That alone could take a year or more in order to be perfected unless you had a full time team that knew EVERYTHING about the hardware, including the complete ISA's in both systems working on the emulation. Besides who really cares about backwards compatability. The OLD XBOX now is only $150 or less if you must play the old games. The only downside is it takes up more room and maybe an extra plug. Whoever traded their old XBOX , but not their games hoping that emulation would cover them, in for the 360 is a complete fool.

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I'm happy so see that they're adding some games to the list, but what happened to the games from Star Wars? Battlefront 1 or 2? Or even Mech Assault?

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they should have made the 360 fully backwards compatible or not at all because they made it too stupid you have to download an update to play xbox game come on. i don't care if they make updates for all the game i will play xbox games on my xbox and 360 games on my 360

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i own halo 2 and yeah i do like the halo universe (the books were great), but I'm not too much into the game... I'd take splinter cell over it anyday...but no worries guys they said theyre gonna make a new one thts "halo 2 compatible" version