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35 Best Nintendo Switch Kids Games To Play During The Holidays

From New Pokemon Snap to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, here are some of the best Switch games for kids of all ages.


Nintendo has always been a family-friendly gaming brand, and while the Nintendo Switch has far more third-party games geared toward adults than previous Nintendo home consoles, the library is still full of first-party games that are bursting with charm. Whether you're young or young at heart, the Switch's library contains a ton of excellent offerings, including plenty of sure-fire hits from Nintendo's tentpole franchises: Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc. If you recently purchased a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite for your children, you're probably also searching for some great games that are fun and age-appropriate. We've put together a list oft he 35 best Nintendo Switch games for kids. We imagine adults will enjoy these games, too.

Our list contains the obvious standouts but also some games that might not be on your radar. Games of all different genres are represented, too, and many of these Nintendo Switch games have co-op or multiplayer so you can tag along with your little ones. For more Switch game suggestions, check out our roundups of the best Nintendo Switch games and best Switch multiplayer games.

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