343 Industries hires pro gamer Eric Hewitt

He'll presumably be bringing his multiplayer expertise to the next Halo.

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343 Industries, the current developer of the Halo series, has hired pro gamer and longtime Halo supporter Eric Hewitt.

Longtime Halo fans might recognise Hewitt by his alias 'GH057ayame' and his time playing for Team Carbon. Hewitt also helped created the official competitive playlist for Halo 4.

Hewitt posted a picture of an airplane boarding pass to Seattle, where 343 Industries is based, over the weekend. He then later updated his profile to point to the developer's website.

When asked about what he hopes to bring to the series, Hewitt said "I personally aim to focus on bringing a sense of competitive experience and knowledge to the Halo franchise" in an interview on the Team Beyond website.

"We, as a community, were blessed with some of the best competitive titles in gaming history. And even though we had a phenomenal social community as well, my expertise is definitely located in the competitive side of the community. Thus, I would love to continue that tradition that Halo has already laid out in front of us!"

343 Industries has confirmed that the first-person Halo game it is currently developing for Xbox One will be released this year, but isn't yet prepared to officially say if the sequel to Halo 4 will be titled Halo 5.

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