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330,000 Rust Owners Have Asked Steam For Refunds

That totals $4.3 million.


Ever since Steam started giving refunds to dissatisfied players who've played two hours or less of a game, it's been unclear how often that refunds are requested. Today, Garry Newman, a developer of Rust, shared some new stats that give an idea of how many people ask for refunds.

On Twitter, Newman posted a screenshot that shows the data for Rust's total number of refunds and money refunded, and it's a lot. Around 330,000 purchasers of Rust have asked for refunds, resulting in $4.3 million given back to them.

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This sum isn't exactly a complete loss of sales for Newman's studio, as the introduction of the refund system has likely encouraged people to be less discerning in their purchasing habits. Nonetheless, 330,000 is still a very large number of refunds given out. To put in perspective, according to SteamSpy, 5.5 million people own Rust.

Talking to PC Gamer, Newman said that players most often listed "not fun" and "bad performance" as reasons for asking for refunds.

Last month, a new stats page for Steam as a whole went live, which revealed that Valve deals with thousands of refund requests per day. As of this writing, during the past 24 hours, 225,000 people have asked for their money back. This is a massive spike in requests likely due to the Steam Summer Sale happening now.

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