30 million Wiis sold in US, Wii Play top game

Controller pack-in reigns supreme on console as Nintendo releases separate top 10 US sales lists for first, third party games; Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit take silver and bronze.


Games like Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are often pointed to as primary examples of Nintendo's "evergreen" console efforts, games that continue to sell months and years after their debut. However, the company today released first-party and third-party US retail sales charts citing data from the NPD Group, showing that neither of those hits can lay claim to the title of best-selling Wii game ever.

Wii Play is the best-selling game on the best-selling console this generation.
Wii Play is the best-selling game on the best-selling console this generation.

That honor actually goes to Wii Play, a collection of nine minigames that left reviewers cold but was a mainstay in the best-seller charts even three years after its November 2007 launch. One factor in the game's continued success is that it comes packed with a Wii Remote accessory and sells for $50, just $10 more than the controller on its own.

Software packed in with hardware was a running theme in Nintendo's first-party sales chart, with second and third place going to Mario Kart Wii (with wheel accessory) and Wii Fit (with Balance Board), respectively. Three more of the company's 10 best-sellers--Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, and Link's Crossbow Training--also came with peripherals packed in.

On the third-party list, Activision's 2007 hit Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock reigned supreme, followed by Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (a third-party title, as it was published by Sega), and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Eight different companies managed to land a top 10 best-seller, with Ubisoft and Sega the only publishers to claim two spots.

In revealing its software charts, Nintendo also updated the sales of the Wii hardware itself. The company today said it had surpassed sales of 30 million in the US alone, a milestone it was nearing last month. Nintendo did not release specific sales figures for the games on its top 10 lists but did say the rankings were based on totals through June 2010.

Top 10 best-selling first-party Wii games
1. Wii Play
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Wii Fit
4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
5. Wii Sports Resort
6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
7. Super Mario Galaxy
8. Wii Fit Plus
9. Mario Party 8
10. Link's Crossbow Training

Top 10 best-selling third-party Wii games
1. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock--Activision
2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games--Sega
3. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga--LucasArts
4. Carnival Games--Take-Two Interactive
5. Game Party--Midway
6. EA Sports Active--Electronic Arts
7. Just Dance--Ubisoft
8. Rayman Raving Rabbids--Ubisoft
9. Deca Sports--Hudson Entertainment
10. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games--Sega

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    @sloganyams: by the way, I noticed from you're profile that in 5 months you've been on here almost as much as i have since 2006!!! talk about life needing issues.

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    @sloganyams: Im sorry slander? I stated that the main install base of wii owners buys these games?? I fail to see how that is slander? It's true, my question is why does is hurt wii-people so much to know that casual **** games are the biggest sellers(and of course nintendos own GOOD games). I don't hate the wii whatsoever, i have one sitting in my living room right now. and I have the RIGHT to comment on whatever I want, positively OR negatively, or are you one of those people that believe I shouldn't be allowed to talk because I disagree with you?? And about the Hotdiddykong guy, if you go look at his previous posts history, you will see what a nut-fanboy he is. hotdiddykong: why i didnt saying anything about the amount of hours that guy played little big planet? because i could see someone putting hours on end into CREATING unique levels. and FYI I don't own a PS3 im PCwii360 for the moment. so WRONG. I just can't stand that wii fans cant admit how popular the wii is with moms/grandmas and everyone else? IT DOESNT MEAN THERE ARENT ANY ACTUAL GAMERS PLAYING. I was just stating facts. When Kinect launches in a month or whatever the same will be being said about the 360, and i will agree, because im not ignorant. PS: SloganYams: Yeah a guy with a wrestling picture for his gamerpic, hanging out on a video game website, telling ME to get a life. I do, hence i don't have time to change my pic! :D(jk thats humor in case people can't tell)

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    @dRuGGeRnaUt Who's more the fanboy, the guy praising a console on its own message boards or the guy who goes to the message boards of others to slander them. In conclusion: Get a life.

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    New Super Mario Bros is awesome :) And Wii rocks too

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    Why isnt metroid up there?

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    Galaxy got beaten by the New Super Mario Bros..... that's strange :|

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    @dRuGGeRnaUt *yawn* You call me a fanboy for saying that wii has good games and yet you post 5 comments in a row saying how bad it is, how ironic Using this list to criticize the wii is fanboyish, using anything to criticize any system is fanboyish Your replies to me did nothing but make me prove that YOUR the fanboy, Your reply to pokemaster225j proves it when you question his playing hours in SSBB and Viva pinata and yet you didnt complain about Little big planet....... To make you happy this will be my last comment, so cya later fanboy

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    @hotdiddykong: you're attempts at damage control today/yesterday are amazing. Truly worthy of some type of award or commendation. But isn't there some other ninty fan that can take over, youre gamer pic is getting over used!! :) PS: by being on here constantly and defending the wii, you are proving that it is more fun to argue fanboy facts than play your wii... thanks for proving everyones point!! ;)

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    @hotdiddykong: The wii has been out since november/december 2006, thats longer than 3 years.

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    @Ravenlore_basic: Sony has ALREADY been selling controllers with a game, you can get a DS3 with a greatest hits for very little extra $$$.. I did see MS had done controllers that came with Viva Pinata and some other game.. so they have been for awhile... don't think they sell anywhere near as well as the ninty ones though.

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    @pokemaster225j: How in the **** can you put 1008 hours into SSBB?? or 530hours into viva pinata?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU INSANE?!!?!?! ;) wow, do you play anything above teen rated?? or are all those Everyone rated?? im not making fun, just interested in you're gaming "tastes"..

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    @hotdiddykong: you are absoLUTELY right, these are the best SELLING titles on Wii, NOT the best games. The wii does have some good games. Some ;) What this list finally shows, is how many people that bought a wii are just casual mom/grandma/sister, etc. I don't think you can argue that its true, doesn't hurt whether or not you like it. Numbers don't lie, the wiis main user base buys these games, CASE CLOSED

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    Thats quite an impressive list, if you mostly like crap. The Wii is for grandmas, girls & nintendo fanboys.

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    @im-a-roustabout you misunderstood what i said, the games I mentioned are some third party games for wii, I have street fighter 4 and planning to get Marvel vs capcom 3 for 360 Sonic colors isnt a joke, its what sonic shouldve been doing his entire life, It has 360 graphics, no bad gimmicks, and is only for wii Same thing goes for Tatsunoko VS capcom, its a great game, dont think its a rip off of Marvel VS capcom cause then your saying that Capcom VS SNK is a rip off and please dont compare Metroid and Halo, they are different things, Metroid does what halo cant, and halo does what Metroid Cant

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    @pokemaster225j again, they are complaining about games being horrible just because they don't like them when many other love those games. People can just as easily complain starcraft 2 is a horrible game just because they don't like those types of games for being "nerdy".

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    Go Nintendo you rock my world

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    Carnival Games.....why? As a multi format (including Wii) console owner who in their right mind is buying this equivalent of videogame 'excrement' ?

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    The third-party games on the list are all horrible, the first-party games list are OK, except LINK'S CROSSBOW TRAINING. Wii has very high sales, but not many high-quality games, if it has LINK'S CROSSBOW TRAINING ON THE TOP 10 LIST! Wii sports, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Monster Hunter Tri, and few others were the good games, if you had people to play with and enough controllers. Wii in my opinion had huge sales, but is a boring console, due to not that many fun games. I'm not a PS3 fanboy, but this is truly just my opinion.

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    When I read that SEGA had two games on the list, I thought "WOW! Madworld and HotD: Overkill made it?!?!". Then I read the list...

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    "wii play" doesn't count it comes free with the wii system

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    @hotdiddykong You're right man, how could I have POSSIBLY forgotten about the gem called "Sonic Colors"? Makes me wish I had a Wii already. Lol. Really man? Sonic Colors? Tatsunko Vs Capcom? What about Street Figther 4? Capcom vs Marvel that's coming out soon? What about Capcom Vs Tekken for that matter? You are so defensive with unoriginal retorts. And Metroid is just a 2-d fighter, that's like saying Halo wars was a proper sequel. hahehheheahhaaeh

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    @im-a-roustabout I know that, theres nothing wrong with it, NOTHING is wrong with more Mario or zelda,the person I was replying to made it sound bad and your comment is making you look like D-bag, nothings wrong with nintendo, especially 3rd party, the wii has good games, most of the idiots here tend to bring up bad games, we got tatsunko vs capcom, monster hunter tri, sonic colors coming soon, metroid other m coming this month, there's allt of good 3rd part games so dont push it and bring stupid games to the subject

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    @hotdiddykong It's not an insult for a company to milk a franchise you know, but it is shameful to blatantly pretend that they aren't doing it. Mario party 8? How many Zeldas are there again? How many Mario's and Mario karts and doctor marios and mario gulf and mario basketball and super marios and mario galaxy's and mario spin off's like Wario will have to be made before you realize they are milking it cuz that's all people want to play. There is nothing wrong with it. I like milk myself. Embrace it, but denying just makes you look like a D-bag.

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    @ pokemaster225j With a name like yours it's no wonder you think there are not many first party titles for the 360 or ps3. Not only are there many first party titles for each of these consoles, but there is a little something the rest of us like to call "3rd party support" something the Wii knows NOTHING about. Enjoy your balancing "bored".

    Avatar image for im-a-roustabout

    With the exception of all the Marios (minus the party) I can't understand for the life of me why anybody buys this stupid crap. I like the Wii, and I really want to have an excuse to buy one. But I just don't see why this crap is so popular! It's like a "fad" now for real. I remember my little sister (who never games) for some reason bought one, never used it, but showed the demo of tennis to my parents friends. Next day they told us they bought one too, and then when my sister moved out my parents bought one too. Guess what? It just sits there. Nobody plays it at all! It's almost just become a social status thing to own one of these pieces of junk.

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    I got the wii when it first came out, mainly because i got the gamecube and loved it. and I also had the N64, the only hardcore gamers that have ever been with nintendo are people like me who just get the wii, the first party sequels from the last console, and play them for around 800+ hours per game, sadly its been a long time since they've released a new portable game console to play pokemon on or a home console for mario, zelda, metroid, ect. so i got both a ps3 and xbox 360, the problem with those two consoles is not the motion controls, i can do well without them, not too many fps; love the stunning graphics on final fantasy and gameplay of little big planet, not to mention viva pinata on xbox, but that theres hardly any good first party titles, forget a 360 mascot, and ratchet and clank or some puppet dude for playstation sounds dumb. well umm might as well present some stats that i just extracted from my games 1008 h on brawl for wii 220 h on little big planet for ps3 530 h on viva pinata for 360 yea those are my most played games, I think i play waay too much, and super mario galaxy 2, wtf is that? oh and @Dycras don't go on gaming sites if your gunna complain about gamers complaining about horrible games. not to mention that piracy will kill the wii and ds the same way it killed pc gaming and dreamcast, and sloppy online for a world of internet gaming, bad bad nintendo

    Avatar image for Megavideogamer

    Nintendo seems to have hit paydirt with the pack-in theme. The Wii console currently now comes with two pack-in games wii sports and wii sports resort, Plus that motion plus attachment. So I'm not surprised that wii games that have a wii attachment packed with the game sell well. Wii play does sell well since you need a least two contollers for you system. So buying a game that also has another controller with it makes sense. Good for Nintendo to re-learn that having pack-ins are good for business. I will at least have to try the Nintendo wii now. 30 million in the U.S.A is very good. And 71 million worldwide is not bad either. I will buy a Nintendo wii and yep I'll get that wii play game just because it does have an extra controller pack in with it. (something you need anyway a second controller) Not bad Nintendo keep packing things in and having extra throw ins does help. Plus Nintendo has always been good with the first party software. Which helped them during the N64 and Gamecube years.

    Avatar image for Kenhawk98

    It seems everyone's upset because of the games that are on this list, but hey, it could be worse, Wii Music isn't in the list.

    Avatar image for wiiplay1

    @hotdiddykong Then why did you respond? Also, what do you mean by "more preserved?"

    Avatar image for hotdiddykong

    @wiiplay1 So? There's still allot of good games, don't drag bad games into this, the other consoles have just as much bad games, plus the more better wii games are more preserved and really worth it, lets just forget this, argueing isnt gonna do us any good

    Avatar image for wiiplay1

    @hotdiddykong Oh please. Even if they aren't, a lot of the games on the system are a joke. Have you seen Madden on the Wii?

    Avatar image for hotdiddykong

    @wiiplay1 also, For a person with allot to talk about, you sure dont know anything about nintendo, "milking their franchises" oh please

    Avatar image for hotdiddykong

    @wiiplay1 what you say is true but Nintendo isn't stupid, the new Wii will have the upgrade we want but its not next Gen, its THIS gen

    Avatar image for wiiplay1

    @brandon--16 Well that's good for you. I'll also purchase whatever console Nintendo makes next, but my Nintendo fix isn't as good as my Sony fix. I for one think that Nintendo is milking some of their franchises.

    Avatar image for wiiplay1

    @RageSet Like you, I also can't wait for Nintendo to experiment with HD, and possibly with 3D. But I don't see how people are expecting too much from the Wii. Yes, the idea of motion controls were a success, and Sony and Microsoft are adopting part of that into their systems. But unfortunately, motion controls are only one of a few reasons why I own a Wii. It lacks a variety of games. For example, hardly any games support the Wii Zapper or Wii Balance Board. I can honestly say that buying them was a waste of my money. And for the games that do, they aren't big AAA titles. They are mediocre, give or take some. The Wii also lacks a proper structure for online play. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is weak compared to PSN and Xbox Live. In fact, I don't think Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection should even be in the same league as the others. Hopefully, whatever problems the Wii has will be fixed. Yes, I would buy whatever console Nintendo comes up with next. But chances are that I would also buy a PS4 or Xbox 720. I'm just saying that with the experience some have had with the Wii, I'm not sure if Nintendo will get to 30 million as quickly in the next generation.

    Avatar image for super600

    There are 100s of good games on the Wii,but nobody looks at them.

    Avatar image for Micropixel

    As a Wii owner, I can tell you right now that there are FAR better games available for the Wii than what you see on that 3rd party list. Games like Red Steel 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Madworld, No More Heroes 2, Deadly Creatures and The Conduit (and I dunno what Gamespot was smoking when they reviewed the Conduit. I personally thought it was awesome). I don't know how Carnival Games, Game Party or Deca Sports is out-selling any of the games I just mentioned. But this is why people accuse the Wii of having a weak library; because of lists like these that show off games that don't deserve to be there. Good games don't always sell well on the Wii. It's pretty sad, but horribly true. And why isn't Metroid Prime on Nintendo's list?

    Avatar image for Snow_Hawk

    Hate me if you like... but why is Carnival Games there and not Okami? I DEMAND SATISFACTION!

    Avatar image for itsTolkien_time

    I could replace well over half of that third party list with games that deserve it much more. I could even fill half the spots on the first party list with games that deserve it more. Well I suppose that's the same everywhere, the average consumer buys what I would call low quality games. I had no idea so many people bought Link's Crossbow Training. More than Twilight Princess? Insane. XD It's a shame no one actually LOOKS for the good games on the Wii, even the normal gamers don't.

    Avatar image for JackHoleFace00

    Lol, the fact that Wii Play is the number one selling Wii game ever is an example of why I just flat out can't stand the Wii. If you need an explanation as to why, then you're not a true fan of quality games. And of COURSE Nintendo separated the two lists--because they know how badly they TROUNCED 3rd party games in sales (I bet #10 in first party outsold #1 in 3rd) and it looks bad and unattractive to 3rd party devs. Ugh. Anyway Wii fans, have fun with the whopping 5 or so games to ever come out over the lifetime of the system that are actually really good.

    Avatar image for zzamaro

    ugh, I admit I'm a wii fit hater and it shouldn't be there, Zelda TP should be there, well, good to see, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy probably i'll be hated but it makes me sad that wii fit/plus is there, shows how lazy are the americans, I won't never get them even if they are in the top sellers

    Avatar image for zzamaro

    @hotdiddykong well, yeah but monster hunter isn't a big title(US) and I think that monster hunter wasn't a big title in the PS2(US), and goldenye wii, lol, I lol at it because of Activision, well I'm probably being dumb

    Avatar image for gbrading

    The Top-10 list of third-party games is a very disappointing showing. Some games certainly don't deserve to be there.

    Avatar image for ax23000

    I find it funny that conventional wisdom says that casual gamers don't buy games, and yet when you look at these charts it becomes painfully clear that the only people actually buying games for the Wii ARE the casual gamers. The problem seems to in fact be the opposite on the Wii. Actual gamers are the ones not buying games, and in the process are the ones creating the very situation they claim to hate--a market saturated with party games. While the casuals vote with their wallets the rest of us seem to have decided just not to vote at all. Kind of stupid when you think about it.

    Avatar image for hotdiddykong

    You guys need to understand that this is the top SOLD not top BEST games on wii, the only reason games with Wii as a title (except Mario kart and NSMB) are there is because back then that's what people thought the Wii had to offer so its only natural they would choose those games, except crossbow training, wtf, but anyway a list on the top sold doesnt change the fact Wii still has awesome games

    Avatar image for bowlingotter

    So many of those top-sellers aren't even remotely close to the best games the console has to offer. And we all know why Wii Play is on the list at all, and it definitely isn't the quality of the game.

    Avatar image for Pirgah

    Wow, on both of those lists, there are only 2 wii games I like (Brawl and Mario Galaxy) Im a bit saddened that the wii's top selling games are are party games and mini game collections, when there are so much better games on the console, Like Metroid Prime 3, and Monster Hunter Tri

    Avatar image for TheKungFool

    It always makes me laugh when I read these articles about "top selling games". Sorry, but pack-ins, accessory bundles, and games you get free with a system should not count as "sales", since well, they really aren't. Its like praising the old NES mario/duck hunt cartridge as the top selling NES game, even though we all got the damned thing included.