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$30 Gets You 32 Classic PC Games From Duke Nukem's Original Developer

Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad, Crystal Caves, and more.


The 3D Realms Anthology pack has been released on Steam, and for a limited time, you can get all 32 games it contains for just $30.

A slightly different version of this bundle was first announced late last year to mark the return of 3D Realms, the former Duke Nukem developer that shut its doors in 2009. After an acquisition last year, the studio began operating once again, and this compilation of many of its PC games--including those under its original name, Apogee--has now been released with support for modern operating systems.

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A limited number of games included in the bundle are available for sale individually on Steam, like Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II. If you happen to be like me and want to relive the glory days of playing Crystal Caves, Secret Agent, and Terminal Velocity, you'll need to buy the entire bundle.

A full list of games in the 3D Realms Anthology follows below. The $30 price tag is available only for a limited time--come May 12, it will jump up to the standard price of $40.

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