$30 Far Cry 4 Season Pass Announced, Includes Multiplayer Mode and Yeti Missions

Expansion pass for open-world game comes with five add-ons, the first of which will be available on launch day.

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Like many major AAA games, Ubisoft's open-world shooter Far Cry 4 will offer a DLC pass. It will cost $30, and includes a range of diverse content--including a new multiplayer mode and missions that will see you fighting off Yetis--that will keep you busy for "hours," the publisher said today in a post to its official website. A roundup of the content is below.

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The Syringe (available on launch day) -- An "exclusive" mission that sees you preventing main antagonist Pagan Min from retrieving a "rare recipe and using it against the rebellion." This mission is playable in Far Cry 4's single-player and co-op modes.

Escape from Durgesh Prion -- Details are light on this mission, with Ubisoft only saying that you will "team up with a friend to escape Yuma's prison after being locked up and tortured."

Hurk Deluxe Pack -- This includes five missions featuring Hurk, a man you may remember from Far Cry 3. Three of these missions are called Yak Farm, Blood Ruby, and Hurk's Redemption. Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not share any further details about these missions or name the other two.

Overrun -- This is a new player-versus-player multiplayer mode where you can play as either the Rakshasa or the Golden Path. Your job is to capture territory around Kyrat while simultaneously stopping the territory from being taken by your enemies.

Valley of the Yetis -- In this content, after you crash land on a Himalayan ridge, you must trek through the frozen landscape, scavenging for tools and upgrades for your campsite. You'll also have to fight off "deadly nighttime attacks from a mysterious cult," Ubisoft says. On top of that, Ajay can explore caves, but "watch out for what lurks within," Ubisoft warns, presumably about Yeti danger. Valley of the Yetis is playable in single-player and co-op.

Ubisoft also did not share pricing information for gamers who want to buy the expansions individually, though the company did say that buying the pass offers a 20 percent savings. The publisher will also offer a $90 Far Cry 4 Gold Edition that comes with the game and the DLC pass.

We also do not know yet when any of Far Cry 4's expansion content will be available, outside of the launch day Syringe mission.

Far Cry 4 launches November 18 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Ubisoft said recently that it's targeting 1080p visuals for the Xbox One and PS4 versions. For more on Far Cry 4, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

hahaha ! cancelled pre-order thanks gamespot, saved me some money. Soo I would say roll on dragon age inquisition but tbh thats probably going to have Leiliana as day one dlc. Away with you money grubbers! I am not that desperate to play your games. I'm sure The Crew will get milked to death but when playing, each little event you drive through and initiates the pacing between gates and smashable objects is perfect the difficulty is perfect they clearly poured heart and soul into getting details correct and I enjoy the game regardless. So far just that and MGS on my radar.

Avatar image for shinigami_kai

What a jip.

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

Seriously!?!?!?! How much Blood Money can you squeeze from my stones!!!?!?!?!

(I think I got that right...)

Avatar image for omrgold

Well, I think my pre-order deposit is going toward another game. about £20 to play online even after paying full price?!

Avatar image for dstah

So after reading all that, I have a question about the game.. I bought the hurks blood ruby edition back in July for $130 but does this mean the only way to get all these missions is to buy the $90 edition?? Or do I just have to buy the $30 season pass when it comes out and I'll STILL get all these new missions? Because I can't return the ruby edition unless the law says so, and I REALLY want to be able to play all the new DLC's..

Avatar image for st_slenderman

@dstah The $130 edition comes with Far Cry 4, Blood Ruby mission, the harpoon (I think that is the weapon) and all the season pass content at a discounted price if you were to buy it separately. So to answer your question then yes.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

A gold edition? Like my wallet hasn't been drained as it is.

Avatar image for Bili5

Multiplayer as a DLC. Thats...that's genius! Evil genius!

Avatar image for Bili5

Wow!!! How did it happen that they have so many DLC before the game was even released. How-Do-They-Do-That?!

Avatar image for LightEffect

Good thing I wasn't interested in multiplayer. As for the single player missions, if the main story is complete without them (I hope to god it is) then I see no point to spend extra. This is also the only game keeping Ubisoft on my radar. Just barely.

Avatar image for itchyflop

<< LINK REMOVED >> why do people keep knocking ubisoft? watch dogs is a great game, far cry 3 was fantastic, 4 looks to be great too!! Every publisher is cashing in on the dlc thing, even Sony, to play multiplier on any game now you need the equivalent of Microsoft's "gold" membership, play-station plus !! Some understanding in your thoughts on this matter may enlighten me further

Avatar image for terrariafan247

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Watch Dogs was awful, the hacking was underdeveloped, the map was boring and generic, the story was pathetic and frankly, I've seen PS2 games with better vehicle handling. All while Ubisoft were overhyping it as a GTA killer. Far Cry 3 was better but it suffered from one of the worst plots I've seen in modern gaming, tacked on multiplayer and general repetitiveness.

Avatar image for LightEffect

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Pretty much this. Watch Dogs was a broken pile of garbage at launch, blue screening my friends computer and barely running on my high end machine and not living up to the hype and my expectations. Assassins Creed is meh for me so having new ones every year is just not exciting. It's not just the DLC thing, which I've mostly ignored.

If I'm going to spend much time on multiplayer, it's going to be on a game where that was the main focus.

Avatar image for itchyflop

@LightEffect @terrariafan247 i agree a fresh approach to assassins creed is needed or scraping it. They had a wonderful new idea with it but its run its course now iv not tried it on the vita, yet. as for far cry i will disagree, i really enjoyed the third installment. The plot was a little weak and the multiplayer was dreadful, having played bf3 all year this only meant i focused on single player old skool enjoyment for a change, far cry had the diversity and scope to do this. The new one looks invitingly lush. With gta arriving soon after (pc), and for xmas (ps4) ill be a busy boy. What do think about the crew, again your input will be greatly appreciated :)

Avatar image for LightEffect

<< LINK REMOVED >> The Crew sounded interesting but I am leaning towards simulators recently and they said game would be locked at 30fps on consoles, which is where I could get it because friends, I didn't want a racing game at 30fps. You can't see or control as well as at higher framerates. Action games just need 60+, it's so much better. I'm looking forward to Project Cars. Been playing Assetto Corsa lately for my Sim racing but it's only early access. I'll be getting GTA on PC as well, that game will look amazing and be fun online.

Avatar image for terrariafan247

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Far Cry Blood Dragon wasn't bad fhough. It was like Far Cry 3 but without the pointlessly big map and a decent scriot.

Avatar image for daniel79

One born every minute.

Avatar image for sinik_87

Multiplayer in a FarCry game is a Far Cry from reason.

Avatar image for gargungulunk

This time of year is booked for new releases, sorry.

Spring looks good, when the game drops to $30.

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

A little bit dodgy putting a standard MP mode in the season pass.

Also at $30 is alot to ask , when we don't really know the extent of the content. How extensive is each content piece?

I don't mind season passes, but it seems like the primary purpose is to sqeeze the maximum amount of dollars out of customers more than to provide them good value.

Avatar image for borgking1234

Farcry 5 should be in Montreuil France and the bad guy is vilan called

Uplay. $50 DLC pass to play without installing Uplay.

Avatar image for itchyflop

<< LINK REMOVED >> so install uplay???

Avatar image for borgking1234

We want more monkeys

Avatar image for muzza93

Man you Americans have good prices on everything. Especially games. In Australia ill have to pay 90 dollars just for the standard edition without the season pass. And the season pass will probably be like 40 dollars here even though its digital. Higher price for identical product.

Avatar image for smackdowner360

Wow no thanks i will just pass on far cray 4 all together.Good thing i still have Forza Horizon 2,Sunset Overdrive,Advance Warfighter,and Halo MCC to keep me busy.Anyone who buys a season pass like this is insane.I don't mind a season pass if its extra content that im gonna spend 50+ hours on and not just part of the game they kept out

Avatar image for iCondemned

Shiiiittt... Good thing I'm going to pirate this game. No need to spend $64 bucks and no need to play multiplayer. Far Cey 2 and 3 PVP sucked.

Avatar image for ghost140

$30 season pass? Now correct me if i'm wrong but is this not the highest price these passes have ever been? I guess its just a matter of time till these "passes" get to the $40-$50 range.

Avatar image for noladem504

<< LINK REMOVED >> Battlefield "Premium" has been $50 on both BF3 and 4.....not a good trend.

Avatar image for Cochleadoc

How about you take my $60 and be f*cking lucky and grateful you even get that much from me.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

So let me understand this...you want to charge gamers $30 to unlock Multiplayer mode, a mode that every other game includes for FREE?! Get bent Ubi Soft!

Avatar image for mawkknight

So in other words, pay an extra 30 bucks, half the price of the game, for locked content. Am I going to get another 5 hours worth of gameplay with this content? Sorry Ubisoft, there are plenty of other games I can play. I'd rather wait for a complete edition than pay for locked content that's already on the disc. Thankfully, I stopped buying games that announce season passes and you know what that did? Gave me more time for games that are actually worth it and giving me my money's worth. Shame on you Ubisoft and other game developers. This is a horrible business model.

Avatar image for mawkknight

Sorry I mean another 25* hours worth of gameplay. You know, since I am paying half the price and all.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

How about no

Avatar image for davillain-

Season Passes are for those who wants it or not, so stop your Bitchen Bitches.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

A Season pass is supposed to be "extra" content, not content that belonged in the $60 original copy. Idlot.

Avatar image for northArrow

Paying $30 extra for stuff you cut out of the game is highway robbery.

Avatar image for Dumper1

So the usual cut down version for everyone else at full price.

Avatar image for BelaidKL

Screw 'Season Passes'.... Screw them.....

Avatar image for skipper847

Only season pass I have ever bought is Bioshock infinite

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

Not doing Season Pass BS; but I will support the Far Cry series.