2nd Modern Warfare 2 DLC hits XBL June 3

Resurgence Pack arrives on Microsoft's online service in less than a month and will feature five unnamed maps; price TBA.


One week after it shipped the first map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the PC and PlayStation 3, Activision has announced a second batch of DLC. Like the original Stimulus Package, the Resurgence Pack will first arrive on the Xbox 360 before coming to Windows systems or Sony's console. The five-map add-on will debut on Xbox Live on June 3, with the other platforms receiving it at a later date.

With more than 2.5 million Stimulus Packages sold, Activision is already readying a second Modern Warfare 2 DLC.
With more than 2.5 million Stimulus Packages sold, Activision is already readying a second Modern Warfare 2 DLC.

The Stimulus Package was criticized for charging $15 for only three new maps and two upgraded maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That didn't stop it from selling more than 1 million units within 24 hours upon its late-March launch, with sales having since topped 2.5 million units. The DLC revenue helped Activision Blizzard earnings hit $1.3 billion during the January-March quarter and also brought total Call of Duty franchise map pack sales to 17 million units.

Activision did not reveal any further details on the Resurgence Pack other than to say it was in development at what's left of the studio behind Modern Warfare 2. In March, Activision fired Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West, sparking more than 35 staffers to resign and file a lawsuit potentially worth $625 million. Many have since joined Zampella and West's new independent studio, Respawn Entertainment, which is backed financially by Electronic Arts.

For a closer look at the first Call of Duty map pack, check out GameSpot's video walk-through of the DLC below.

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Avatar image for GordonFrohman11

The only way I would pay the $15 price is if there were at least 10 entirely new maps with some new game modes.

Avatar image for milan4554

lol i knw its too much but im getting for £5.50 on the PS3 thats like $8.will i give my account to my m8 then he'll download then pays me £5.50. hahaha lol

Avatar image for GBPackersrule

Lets all thank the tools who bought the Stimulus Package for rising DLC prices. Couldn't have done it with you guys!

Avatar image for dbe425

@Jannradio You are absolutely correct! There is very little work being done to put out these DLCs. Activision is sitting back watching millions of morons fork over their $$$ for content that should have been in the game to begin with. Activision's efforts have long since moved on to Spec Op and how much more $$$ they are going to bleed out of willing idiots.

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Follow your shepherd Activision you little sheeps!! BAHHH!!!!

Avatar image for BubbaEgge

Oh I'm sure another million stupid people will pay $15 for a few more crappy maps.

Avatar image for zskrabs24

i was orignally complaining about there only being three new maps and two old ones thrown in there but i found myself enjoying the two old ones wayyyyyy more than the new ones. storm just straight pisses me off. its a terrible map. bailout is amazing however and the other map (i forget the name right now) is so so. i honestly wouldn't care if the next map pack was only COD4 maps. i loved every single one and i miss them greatly. bring me crossfire, vacant, bloc, ambush, strike, backlot, or pipeline and i will cream. pick five of those and i will be happy. how hard could it be to bring them over? they are using the same freaking engine. code for killstreaks and add more props in the geometry and you are done! hell why not just port every COD4 map to MW2 gameplay and have it as an entirely seperate playlist with all modes but only old maps. hell even throw in the maps from the COD4 DLC. those were great too. no body can deny that. the maps from COD4 were some of the best ever made in video games. its true that you might be tired of them by now but i felt that the updated gameplay gave them new life in MW2 and made them my most anticipated maps in the playlists. I'd pay $30 for every old COD4 map to be honest. call me crazy but that sounds like a great deal.

Avatar image for PhantomTurkey

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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$15 is rather too pricey... I'm gonna eat my socks if this 2nd one costs $20. And what? Add global thermonuclear war and VIP as official game types? Or another reboot of COD4 maps? IW fail.

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

Hello IW has revealed details. Three new maps and two old ones for $15. Old news already... but not here.

Avatar image for whiskymaster

Kotick is a raging ball bag !

Avatar image for BigBoy213

IMO Modern Warfare 2 is a love/hate game for me. I love it for it's multiplayer and I hate it for the fact that we have to shell out $15 for map packs that most people don't care about. What ever happened new spec ops missions for spec ops mode? I'm pretty sure they promised that for being included in a future DLC. Luckily I didn't get the first one and I sure as heck ain't getting the new map pack.

Avatar image for GeneralHawx

it's only gonna be $5 for PS3 owners if u know what I mean ;)

Avatar image for dadoesch

Bet you they try a $20 price point for this one. They'll probably make plenty of money off of it. I will wait for a sale on both DLC hopefully. Besides, I'm rather annoyed that they're making PS3 owners wait. If they have no love for me, then I will show them no love (not that it really matters, unfortunately).

Avatar image for philtx79

While you suckers are forking another $15 for a crappy map packs I will immersed myself in the wonderful world of Red Dead Redemption. You guys should drop MW2 and come join me tomorrow. I mean how much you guys are going to take from these people? First they fork us by release the dlc 30 days after xbox 360,then they expect us to pay $15 for something that doesn't work right away when you download it, after that they give you only 3 new maps then they do it again, and you suckers are like YES PLEASE DO ME AGAIN AND AGAIN IT FEEL GOOD.

Avatar image for AllAbort

in fact im sure its Vacant from CoD 4,so 4 new maps and another re-run!!

Avatar image for AllAbort

if you look at the screenshots the last one looks like Vacant from CoD 4.

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

This still hasnt been updated?! Come on the details are out there 3 new maps and two old ones for $15.

Avatar image for Jannradio

Hilarious, somehow these maps are being created without the studio even together.. Oh wait! That's because the damn studio kept these maps from the original disc to earn more money. As if being the top selling game of all time isn't enough, they still need more money.. sad.

Avatar image for hullrazr

k i argee with everyone the maps were really overrated but what ever happened to getting new camos and guns like the golden deagle? that should be in the new dlc

Avatar image for king_chapeton15

come on they should remove the crappy MW2 maps and put the classic cod4 maps such as broadcast, Chinatown SHIPMENT CROSSFIRE PIPELINE. those maps were the sh*ts id be willing to fork $15 for the classic cod4 maps

Avatar image for BreakingSpecter

Wow another 1200 ms point map pack. No thank you. I dont care about map remakes. All I want are 3 new maps for 800 ms points.

Avatar image for KiefMaster

I paid $100 for this game when it came out on PC. Now they expect me to pay $30 for two map packs? I haven't got my moneys worth from just buying the thing. Greedy Activision.

Avatar image for AgentRebecca

Well, if the maps dont look good enough for $15 (if it will be) then im not getting them, i honestly thought the 1st DLC was good tho

Avatar image for enveyur

@ davejudge What a stupid comment? Of course people are going to complain about pricing. It is just like Fight Night Round 4, I love the game but no way am I spending £8 on a DLC that isn't going to effect practically anything. I don't have MW2 anymore as it got abit boring too quick, but I know for a fact that nobody I know bought the DLC as they thought it was a waste of time. DLC's shouldn't have price tags, it is a cheap way in companies to gain extra profit.

Avatar image for McLarty

I never really minded the price of the DLC.. But I never really thought it through and bought it. Before reading it getting slated for the price

Avatar image for davejudge

Stop whinging about paying you idiots how much do ya pay that creeepy Mcdonalds for a hormone and antibiotic infested meat burger with micro-fine fries ... I dont hear ya complaning about the fact that you are getting man boobs from all the hormones..get over it.. the maps are cool and resurgence will make the choice even better

Avatar image for gunners4

A lot of stupid people including myself bought the first DLC, by selling record sales the company knows they can cream people, they will lift up the price again.

Avatar image for Toxic-_-Sock

Honestly while the price is in my opinion overpriced by $5, people need to get over the fact of complaining that others are buying the maps and blaming them for the high prices. The average person that plays this game alot has at least over 10 days worth of playtime logged and "Greedy" Activision knows this, and for those people $15 is a small price to pay for a few more days of playtime. What they should have done to kinda be reasonable was wait longer before releasing this map but given their current situation we know they need all the money they can get.

Avatar image for ICELegit

@ pete_merlin i wasnt saying forget about the SP i was just saying that for the most part all of us on here are more for the online then SP, so for those that just do MP this is not a bad deal cant just think that wow $15 thats alot, you gotta think of the whole outcome,

Avatar image for pete_merlin

@ICELegit You cant just forget about the single player game and the special ops mode just because you dont use them. If you get this map pack and the last that is $30 dollars just for extra maps, all of which will be included in the ever so likely Game of the Year Edition. I just cant see the logic is paying so much.

Avatar image for ICELegit

@pete_merlin sure the game is $60 the maps are $15 for 5. so for A $60 map pack you get, 20 maps for then what came with the game for about the same price, we here all mostly just play online right, so we already spent $60 for like 13 maps and most the time its only 6 that we play online, so really your rebuying the game for more maps then it came with. which in the long run its not that bad.

Avatar image for Flint247

$90... wow. That can get me like 4-6 games that are better than this one.

Avatar image for lindseyiluvyou

@Rob_2_K Gates didn't price this or the Stimulus package. Activision is the one who is pricing the map packs

Avatar image for lindseyiluvyou

This is hilarious. There are 2.5 million idiots out there who spent all their money/MS points on this piece of sh... lolol

Avatar image for nardo24

I didn't buy the stimulus pack and I won't. It's just too much, $15 is too much. What they should do is make this a free download for any one who bought the Stimulus Pack and then Charge $15 for both map packs. That would make it up to the customers who bought the Stimulus Pack and suck in the couple million customers like myself who are holding back because of the ridiculousness of the orginal price tag. Because if it not you won't ever see our $15, at least this way you suck in the rest of us.

Avatar image for zac511

$60 for the game $15 Map Pack 1 $15 Map Pack 2 $90 Total.... thats just madness, im glad i never got into this game

Avatar image for Dynamo11

I haven't and will never get the Stimulus package..... unless it's under £5 (or free)

Avatar image for TheLastCamba

I will be buying it but I hope it doesn't cost $15, that price is ridiculous, I got $9 and that's all I'm paying

Avatar image for UbberHappyGamer

Do I smell....milk?

Avatar image for jamesinho

Looks like the vast majority haven't bought it yet like myself. It'll be on offer soon anyway. Oh, interesting that ICELegit compared MW2 with "drungs or drinks". I am assuming, and only assuming, that its compared to drugs and alcohol... wow. Sorry everyone, just realised how smug this post sounds :P

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

If this has a price tag of

Avatar image for pete_merlin

@ICELegit $4 a map is expensive when compared to the price of the game its self.

Avatar image for joeborg14

Yay, not gettin this one either!

Avatar image for Rob_2_K

microsoft should give this map pack for free......stop it already gates...how bout your RROD problem on our previously xbox..you should apolpgize and give back our money bill ...huh ,what a shame...

Avatar image for eynonz

Whoever bought the stimulus pack.............you shud hang your head in shame....... The more people that buy activisons map pack's...........the more they will bring out at stupid prices -.-

Avatar image for ICELegit

@pete_merlin and how am i doing that, $15 is not a lot. at first i thought it was cuz we are use to $10 for 3 maps etc. then after you think of it, its cheaper then drungs or drinks. like i said its only $4 a map. when you go to the store and buy a pop and you give them $5 save the $2 for 7 days then you can buy them. or drink water its better lol and you can save faster

Avatar image for pudgexd

Another pricey DLC?? Not getting it

Avatar image for wwlettsome

Wheeeeeee time for the lemmings to run out and buy more overpriced DLC hence bloating the Activision earnings again.

Avatar image for benjabean

I just read that the new DLC will be $15 and feature 3 new maps and 2 COD4 (Strike and Vacant). Luckily, Vacant is my favorite COD4 map hands down.