2K's New NFL Games Will Have Officially Licensed Player Names And Likenesses

2K reaches a deal with the NFLPA for more than 2,000 current NFL players.


2K Sports is getting back into the football market with non-simulation games that are set to be released beginning in 2021. And now, Take-Two has announced that these games will benefit from having the official NFL license for players, numbers, likenesses, and more.

2K Sports today announced a new deal with the National Football League Players Association and the company's licensing representative, OneTeam, to include the names, numbers, images, and likenesses of more than 2,000 current NFL players in the new games.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

2K president David Ismailer said the deal with the NFLPA is a "huge part" of delivering new football games that are "authentic, memorable, and fun."

OneTeam CEO Ahmad Nassar said in a statement that working with 2K and the NFLPA will help "reach untapped future audiences" for football games.

Again, 2K's upcoming football games will be non-simulation based. Electronic Arts remains the exclusive publisher of simulation-based NFL games, continuing with Madden NFL 21 in August.

2K's new football games are in "early stages of development," the company said. Details about the developers, gameplay, and release dates will be announced later.

With 2K getting back into NFL games, the publisher is extending its sports game catalogue. 2K already makes NBA, WWE, and PGA Tour games.

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