2K will show redesigned XCOM shooter in 'a matter of days'

"The XCOM universe is expanding," says 2K.


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

2K has confirmed the XCOM shooter it announced three years ago has "undergone an evolution" and will be re-revealed in the next few days.

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BioShock 2 developer 2K Marin is handling the squad-based tactical shooter. "Announced back in 2010, the game has undergone an evolution since we last showed it to you at E3 2011," wrote 2K on its blog.

2K points to last year's critically celebrated revival of the classic turn-based XCOM. "Firaxis’ critically acclaimed turn-based strategy title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has reignited the classic franchise and we feel that the time is right to deliver a new experience within the world of XCOM," says 2K.

Development at 2K Marin has been "explored" and "refined", with 2K saying the "creative development of this game has been a collaborative process of discovery and iteration."

"We can’t wait to share more details with you about the game in only a matter of days," concluded 2K.

Rumours from last year suggested XCOM is now a third-person shooter rebranded as The Bureau. 2K has also asked customers, via a marketing survey, whether they'd rather pay full price or opt for a cheaper downloadable title.

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