2K thaws MLB freezing

Development team offers two solutions to fix problem with MLB 2K6 for Xbox 360--disable hard drive, or reset cache by loading three different games.


When Major League managers get in a jam, they often take a look at their relief pitchers, pick one who ate a healthy breakfast, cross their fingers, and hope their player's fresh arm gets the job done.

Developers of baseball games, on the other hand, have to tangle with their problems by quickly scouting out temporary solutions before they can issue a patch. The 2K Sports development team has now issued a workaround solution to the freezing problem that has plagued its MLB 2K6 game for the Xbox 360, but it isn't a simple call to the bullpen.

On a post on the official 2K Sports forums, an admin offers up two ways to "alleviate the 'freeze' issue." The first and simplest solution is to remove or disable the Xbox 360's hard drive, if there is one attached. The other is to put three different Xbox 360 games into the console, letting them fully load, and then put in MLB 2K6. This effectively resets any cached info on MLB 2K6.

It should be noted that these workarounds are only temporary solutions, and that 2K is working on a patch that will be released as soon as it passes "first-party compliance standards."

2K Sports apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused gamers.

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