2K Sports clarifies NBA 2K14 online issues

"You can always play offline, regardless of connectivity status--just create a new file and off you go," company says.

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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a 2K Sports representative issued a statement to GameSpot on the matter. Check it out below.

When you start a new MyCAREER/MyGM online, you need to be online-connected in subsequent gaming sessions to play the file. You can always play offline, regardless of connectivity status - just create a new file and off you go.”

The original story is below.

NBA 2K14 drew widespread critical praise at launch, but its release has not been without fault. The game's forums are crawling with reports of various bugs, and a new issue discovered today has only added to the frustration.

After downloading the latest patch for the Xbox One version of the game today, we found that if you start a game online, you'll be kicked off if/when you lose your connection. Starting the game in an offline state, however, allows you to play uninterrupted.

NeoGAF members also encountered the issue and claim that the issue is not as nefarious as 2K Sports stealthily introducing always-on DRM. No, forum members there say that the bug--also affecting the PS4 version--is a result of the game entering a prolonged authentication loop and timing out as a result.

The issue certainly sounds as if it is a simple bug that 2K Sports will be able to address in an upcoming patch, but we don't know for sure. We asked a 2K Sports representative what was going on. After checking in with the development team, he confirmed, "all modes except MyTeam can be played offline."

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