2K serves up Top Spin for Wii

Publisher set to show Nintendo's system a little "love" with spring 2008 release, promises "most real-life tennis experience" on the system to date.


Nintendo's Wii Sports featured a tennis game using the motion-sensing Wii Remote, but purist fans of the sport no doubt noticed some things were missing: control over the player's movement, a wide array of different shots, precision aiming, and even the characters' arms. 2K Sports looks to fill in those gaps with its own Wii tennis games, as the publisher today announced Top Spin Tennis for Nintendo's console.

Created by Paris-based PAM Development with the help of 2K Shanghai, Top Spin will attempt to combine the pick-up-and-play appeal of Wii Sports with "the most real life tennis experience to date for the Wii." Up to four players will use the Nunchuk to move their athletes around the screen and determine where their shots are aimed, while swinging the Wii Remote as if it were a racket determines the strength and style of each shot. Top Spin Tennis will also include singles, doubles, mixed match-ups, tournaments, and party games.

While PAM Development is working with the Wii for the first time, the studio has plenty of experience with tennis, having worked on every installment of Top Spin, including the upcoming Top Spin 3. Top Spin Tennis is currently set for release in spring 2008.

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