2K releases new NBA 2K14 next-gen screens

New images captured on PlayStation 4 show off Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Ray Allen.

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2K Sports today released all-new NBA 2K14 next-generation screenshots, showing off NBA standouts like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Ray Allen. The screenshots were captured on PlayStation 4, 2K Sports said.

2K Sports released the first NBA 2K14 next-generation screenshot earlier this month, later launching a trailer for the game. In all instances, content was captured on a PS4.

Competitor EA Sports released a trailer for NBA Live 14 last week.

NBA 2K14 will be released on PS4 and Xbox One as launchs title for those platforms next month. The game been "built from the ground up" to leverage the capabilities of the next-generation platforms, 2K Sports said.

The game launched earlier this month on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more, check out GameSpot's review of NBA 2K14.

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Avatar image for bigruss51

This is why I didn't buy the pc version this year

Avatar image for JKeyz90

2k is good but I would like to see if NBA Live can make a come back lol

Avatar image for SteadyingMeat

Some of the character models look pretty alright. The environments look pretty much exactly the same as something you'd see on a PS3 or 360, though. The textures in that fourth screenshot just look ugly.

Avatar image for xbr85

Top pic: Didn't know LL Cool J played professional basketball.

Avatar image for lightingbeal

Top pic looks like a young Cuba Gooding jr

Avatar image for Greatness05

@HapiJoel the video is from this gen

Avatar image for HapiJoel

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well, shame on me for not reading the article properly!

Avatar image for HapiJoel

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thanks! Interesting though, its better but still jittery. Maybe a few years down the line, once the hardware is broken in a bit, will it look really fantastic.

Avatar image for jd7904

there was a video a couple days ago on next gen

here is the link


Avatar image for jd7904

<< LINK REMOVED >> there is a video up from a couple days ago on a different article that shows next gen, and it does look smoother.


Avatar image for Greatness05

<< LINK REMOVED >> *from

Avatar image for raddys2001

I don't know doesn't look any different then current gen

Avatar image for jd7904

The faces up close do look a lot better than the current gen. it's harder to tell on a crappy flash video.I guess we will just have to try it when it comes out to really see how good it looks in person.

Avatar image for red_city

So fucking stupid that this isn't the version we got with PC.

Avatar image for elbauto

This games seems so good

Avatar image for MonkeyKinght98

From one of those screen shots it looks like there will be backstage brawls. Oh please tell there will be that!

Avatar image for jd7904

<< LINK REMOVED >> WWE style with commentary XD

Avatar image for cmat35

I just hope that they changed the voice your MyPlayer has during the interviews.

Avatar image for PAL360

These graphics at 1080p/60fps? Impressive! Haters may hate all they want, but next gen already met the hype!

Avatar image for daabulls23

The one screenshot looks like NBA meets WWE.

Avatar image for acelogan1989

wow O_o