2K Nearly Ready to Open up on MLB 2K10

2K Sports will soon be lifting the curtain on MLB 2K10; what are you hoping makes it into the game?


Major League Baseball 2K10
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Now that Sony has laid its cards on the table (at least in terms of its feature list) with the upcoming MLB 10: The Show, the flood gates should soon be opening up for 2K Sports' upcoming Major League Baseball 2K10. Our man Giancarlo Varanini saw the game late last week in San Diego, and GameSpot's first look at the game will be published this Friday. Until then, check out 2K's first Developer Insights blog entry on the game. There's not a lot of hard info, but the team does promise a dozen write-ups on game details, including one per week until the game ships on March 2.

Based on this first entry in the blog, it seems like a lot of effort in 2K10 has been put into the pitcher/batter duel that is at the heart of baseball; a feature that 2K will supplement with an upcoming gameplay trailer and Insight blog entry:

To supplement that release, our development team will give you an inside look at the dynamic of the pitch batter battle as an at-bat drags on after a few pitches. I am skipping a little ahead in terms of upcoming Insights so let me first focus on our very next Insight: two of our presentation developers, Matt Crysdale and Alan Blouin, will be discussing art direction and what you can look forward to in terms of improvements in 2K10 and give us a sneak peek at the new Target Field!

It's clear that MLB 2K9 had plenty of problems, and that's putting it kindly. As the series enters its second full year of being developed in house at Visual Concepts, what are you hoping developers addressed for MLB 2K10?

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