2K knocks $10 off Civ, NBA, NHL, BioShock

With the worldwide economic downturn still raging unabated, many are looking for ways to stretch their already pulled-taut dollar. Despite recently reporting a twofold fourth-quarter loss, Take-Two Interactive imprint 2K Games provided one such way today, in the form of a discount for several of...


With the worldwide economic downturn still raging unabated, many are looking for ways to stretch their already pulled-taut dollar. Despite recently reporting a twofold fourth-quarter loss, Take-Two Interactive imprint 2K Games provided one such way today, in the form of a discount for several of its top titles.

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Until the end of the month, gamers can visit www.2kgames.com/coupon to print out a coupon (pictured) that will lop $10 off the cost of Civilization Revolution (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), Civilization IV: Colonization (PC), NBA 2K9 (PC, PS3, 360), NHL 2K9 (PS3, 360, Wii), and BioShock (PS3 only). For the more casually minded, the coupon also discounts Carnival Games (Wii, DS), Carnival MiniGolf (Wii), and Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess (Wii, DS).

The 2K coupon can be redeemed at a number of participating retailers including (but not limited to): Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, GameStop, Game Crazy, Virgin, Hastings, Meijer, f.y.e., and Fred Meyer. It cannot be used for online purchases.

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GameStop doesn't honor this coupon. :(

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bad that you cant use it on used games

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Great deal, too bad I have all those games. LOL

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@snake289 GAME suck - their staff dont know $hit, GAMESTATION are better

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klugenbee....I just bought bioshock like a week ago and just beat it and having a blast playin it again...its still awesome...its not like i ruined it by waiten 5 years or sumthin when bioshock 3 is old news!? AND I got it for $20 on the 360 so how i be in the wrong for bein patient and smart? i saved all the lil sisters but now im harvestin them all

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Bioshock is awesome, I beat it like an hour ago...I saved all the little sisters

Avatar image for snake289

@ jimbob_1977 Well did you know the UK retailer GAME over here is currently having a big sell on lots of games?

Avatar image for jimbob_1977

U guys in the US should think yourselves lucky, here in the UK, we are still paying full price (£40.00) in store for most of these games :(

Avatar image for Media_Mind

they could take off more

Avatar image for -Dionysus-

Does anyone know if this works at Best Buy? I emailed 2k and they honestly said they had no idea what coupon I was talking about.

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Well Bioshock is available in Canada (Best Buy) for $19.99 which is a great price. I really would like to get NBA 2K9 and heard some places here in Canada had it also for $19.99 but it was never confirmed. Wonder why no coupon for Canada...interesting.

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Nice! I'll be picking up Civ Rev or Colonization...

Avatar image for cronew1

I bought civilization for 360 last week :(

Avatar image for grand17

only valid in us

Avatar image for Ebag3587

you could have gotten bioshock on Steam for 5 bucks with their sale

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Avatar image for klugenbeel

"Haha i bought Bioshock for the PS3 on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy Last Week, so this doesnt impress me." It's comments like these that make you want to slap someone, hey funny guy...you could have combined the coupon and paid even less! DUH! Plus, anyone saying this, you waited this long to play BioShock, what are you living under a rock or have no pulse, you passed up playing such an AWESOME game for this long!?!?!

Avatar image for Thetaguru

Might not impress you but you could have gotten it for $29.99 instead.

Avatar image for mrkame16

Haha i bought Bioshock for the PS3 on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy Last Week, so this doesnt impress me.

Avatar image for *jfvert

I can finally afford Dora Saves the Snow Princess.

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How much is the PS3 version of Bioshock going for anyway? I realize it hasn't been out that long, and it had some new content, but still, it's a year old port. I had the 360 version, but sold off my Xbox, and I picked up the PC version to replace it for $5 during their holiday sale. The best $5 I've ever spent in my life. On that note, when is Civ 4: Colinzation coming to Steam? They've already got the other 2 expansion packs. I know it's the weakest of the 3, but still, it would be nice to have the complete set...

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I wish they would have given me a discount when i orginally bought those games.

Avatar image for mgoalie01

Does anybody know if they will accept the coupon at Best Buy?

Avatar image for mugupo

EA should learn a thing or two from them.

Avatar image for DoomglooM

what a nice company ^_^

Avatar image for Vance_009

I wanted to get the new Civilization Revolution for some time so it looks like I'm going to pick it up sometime soon.

Avatar image for ceetizzy

Nice! For anyone who likes FPS and a good story, consider picking up Bioshock for the PS3. If you don't already own it on another gaming system that is.

Avatar image for MickeyMcE

They should give me that coupon to purchase the bonus levels that were supposed to be included on the PS3 version.

Avatar image for clowser24

no cluless

Avatar image for Lord--Darkstorn

Yeah, Fred Meyer!

Avatar image for clueless360

will this also work for Bioshock on the 360? does it work at blockbuster?

Avatar image for itwiz90

Thanks every little bit helps and now that one of these games is a little cheaper I might just get it. 8)

Avatar image for snipeshot11

Alright big deal. I used to love 2k's hockey games until 2008 when they became absolute crap. EA has dominated 2k in terms of NHL games for a few years now which is too bad because EA doesn't give a crap about their customers where as I found 2k to be much better. 2K smarten up and make a good NHL game and you will dominate EA!

Avatar image for Pete5506

A nice little sale should help a little

Avatar image for Henninger

Good beat EA Take Two!!!

Avatar image for marklovesbaseba

1st step to beat out EA... i cant wait till 2k can make some football games again... maybe ea would come out with some decent games/// look at nba live...compared to 2k9 2k9 looks like graphics from the future compared to it... and madden is LAME! that makes the nfl so simple its rediculour anyone remember the 20 dollar 2k games that were 10 times better than the ea ones?

Avatar image for dmish82

@Dark_Eagle80 In the words of Rain Man... "Kmart sucks"

Avatar image for dmish82

Good deal. Got Bioshock for PS3 for Xmas and while a bit overhyped, it was definitely a must-play game for anyone who missed out on it.

Avatar image for FelixTheGreat15

That's good to see 2K doing this sort of thing. Because of this economic downturn, most people, as the article said, aren't able to do buy as much as they did before. By offering this discount even with big losses, 2K really is showing that they are more committed to the customer and making sure their games get out rather than making a quick buck. More need to follow in their footsteps and do this sort of thing. Not only does it make 2K look better to the people, it also shows that there are people who are looking out for average joes and watching their backs.

Avatar image for jazzyrider

Nice - i need to pick up Bioshock soon!! I heard and read so many great reviews on this game!

Avatar image for onemileperhour

meh. bioshock was $5 on steam last week, so i don't know how any of these prices are going to seem good

Avatar image for Dark_Eagle80

Sad that I can't use this at my local Kmart as they will not accept Internet Coupons.

Avatar image for Zevlar

Great for anyone that hasn't bought Bioshock, yet. I picked up the PC version for $10 on Black Friday though. ;)

Avatar image for msudude211

I already bought these. :P

Avatar image for lozvil

i'm getting k29 even if i have live '09.

Avatar image for R41N_M4K3R

couple great games to pick up

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