2K Games reembarks Civ III, Pirates! for PCs

Sid Meier games from Firaxis rereleased for $29.99; Civvies build empires, pirates swashbuckle the high seas.


2K Games, a division of Take-Two Interactive, today announced that it has rereleased Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete and Sid Meier's Pirates! for the PC, both of which were developed by Firaxis. 2K Games acquired the rights to the backlog of Civilization games and Pirates! from Atari this past May. Both games are now available, and both sell for $29.99. In Pirates!, which was published earlier this year on the Xbox by 2K Games, players portray a pirate seeking revenge on a wealthy Spaniard. Civilization III Complete combines the original Civ III with its two expansion packs, Civlization III: Conquests and Civilization III: Play the World.

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