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2K Czech, Bohemia Interactive vets form Warhorse Studios

Four ex-Mafia and Operation Flashpoint developers head up new Prague-based shop, working on unannounced role-playing game.


The string of new studio announcements continues this week with prominent 2K Czech and Bohemia Interactive developers disclosing the formation of Prague-based Warhorse Studios.

Warhorse is being led by former Mafia and Operation Flashpoint devs.
Warhorse is being led by former Mafia and Operation Flashpoint devs.

The studio was cofounded by Mafia design director Dan Vavra and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising developer Martin Klima. The pair has also enlisted some familiar faces to work at Warhorse in the form of Mafia animator Zbynek Travnivky and fellow Operation Flashpoint developer Viktor Bocan.

Warhorse Studios is currently working on an unannounced role-playing game. According to job postings on the studio's official site, Warhorse is staffing up for its role-playing game to be of AAA quality. Funding for the shop's first game came from private individuals.

While the team isn't announcing its game just yet, it is teasing some aspects of it. In a note on the site, Warhorse promises, "There is a common thread running through our previous games: open worlds, strong storyline, and, last but not least, realistic design. We can proudly say that the games Mafia [and] Operation Flashpoint were the vanguard of this approach, and millions of players worldwide clearly share our view. Even if our new project is different in many respects, it is a game that is not going to disappoint fans of open realistic worlds and quality stories."

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