2K builds new Stronghold

Firefly Studios' castle-making series continues building; Stronghold Legends headed to PCs by end of year, courtesy of 2K Games.


Gamers who fondly remember building pillow forts or cardboard castles in the living rooms of their childhood houses have probably moved on to castle-building sims like Firefly Studios' Stonghold series. Stronghold 2, released in April 2005, may have allowed gamers to relive their fort-building years, but its walls were still penetrated by unflattering reviews from critics.

Not to be deterred, 2K Games today announced that the castle-building will go on in Stronghold Legends, which will be available this fall. The game will add "new gameplay innovations" to the real-time strategy series, including new strategic conquest modes and multiplayer modes. Legends will once again be set during medieval times, and will allow players to control King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Count Dracula, and more.

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