2K building Civilization V

Latest installment in Firaxis Games' PC strategy series will sport new engine, hexagonal tiles, in-game community hub when it launches this fall.


Those worried that Sid Meier and Firaxis Games' upcoming free-to-play Facebook effort would mark an end to Civilization as it is known can rest a bit easier. 2K Games today announced that in addition to the upcoming Civilization Network, the strategy specialist studio is working on Civilization V for the PC, with an expected release this fall.

Civilization will finally join so many of its strategy game brethren with a hexagonal playfield.
Civilization will finally join so many of its strategy game brethren with a hexagonal playfield.

That's not to say Civilization V won't change up the franchise's formula. For example, the game is being built on an all-new engine, and for the first time the series will move to a hexagonal playfield grid. 2K is also promising an "entirely new" combat system with ranged bombardment options, animated world leaders who will speak in their own languages, and a built-in community hub allowing players to swap scenarios and other content without leaving the game.

Last year came and went without a new Civilization title from Firaxis, although the studio had two major efforts released in 2008. First up was Civilization Revolution, the critically acclaimed streamlined edition of the series for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS. Later in the year, the studio wrapped up its work on Civilization IV with the launch of a final expansion, the New World-focused Civilization IV: Colonization.

Firaxis' other current announced project, Civilization Network, is set for launch sometime this year.

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I was hoping to see another one. I can't wait!

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Arrrgggghhhhhhh! I haven't even reasonably mastered all of Civ4. What is Sid trying to do? This will ruin my life.

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At last they ended those square tiles that wouldnt fit themselves. There was no logic in that. In a world dominated of fps and rpg games its a blow of fresh air such a good game as civilization is, complex enought to amuse anyone who isnt a kid. Cant wait.

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Ahhhh . . . Civ 5 . . . ohhhhh . . . I thinked I just creamed in my pants . . .

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They should put up something for sattelites, too. Like if every civ got X amount of sattelites (how the hell do you spell that?) and there are a few types, like a spy sattelite where the more you put up the more your espionage level goes up, or the more SDI's you put up the better chance you have of killing nukes, or laser beam sattelites (like my comment before) and stuff like that.

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More WMD's plz. Nukes r cool, but lasers from space, hydrogen bombs, nanomachine swarms etc would be awesome.

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Its like my mind has just been read! Great news! I hope they improve on the diplomacy and give it a little more atmosphere. Yeah I know it not about graphics but I want a cherry on top!

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I love the idea of the hexgonal playing field tiles. It'll be a fresh change I think.

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wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....random and dynamic weather effects pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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The thing about the world leaders speaking in their own languages seems interesting, I'd like it if you're just starting out and you meet with, Say the Spanish, You wouldnt understand Spanish Straight away so you'd have to give gifts, and use gestures until you spoke their language. That would be interesting, Im not so sure about this hexagonal thing though... And I can't say that Civilizationon Facebook seems like a bad Idea either :)

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I wonder what kind of pre-order goodies we'd get. Plus imagine if there'd be a LE or SE of the game! :D

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That's nice and all but I would have rather seen a sequel or update to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri franchise instead.

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Civilization is one of my favorite series! I can't wait! I just hope its not loaded with all the retarted DRM that Bioshock 2 had...

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when I was kid, around 10/11 years old. I played Civilization 2 & my dad called me boy genius, I miss that moment... Thx 4 Re-Make.. :)

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2k = Big Budget Games

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All good :D

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ZOMFG!!! sorry

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Amazing news. With this, SupCom2 and Paradox finally patching Hearts of Iron 3 to awesomeness, 2010 is gold for strategy games.

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Wow this might be a really one of the best years.. Lets just hope starcraft 2 and CIV 5 will be out this year Maybe even fallout New vegas ,but that I doubt

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Now all we need is for EA to let go or allow Sid Meier the rights to Alpha Centauri to make a sequel. That was and still is a great game.

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I am really looking forward to this one! I played the hell out of Civ4 and I am ready for a new engine and mechanics. I hope that they bring back some of the strategic options of previous games like ship bombardment of units and improvements and such. I also agree I think it would be really cool to have a ton of current world music from all different nations in place of Firaxis writing their own. I am a big fan of North African music and other world music and think it could really add to the atmosphere of the game. I can't wait!

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My computer can barely run CIV4 :(

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This AND Starcraft 2 in the same year? This is going to be the best year for strategy games ever.

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Civilization IV is still in my rotation; these games have a lasting appeal that few can match. I'm not crazy about the hexagonal design - it makes the world look like the Settlers of Catan board game, and not a fluid Earth - but then again, it's about time for the series to evolve rather than get a paint job, so I'll definitely give it a shot. Oh, and definitely go with the up-tempo world music of the core Civilization IV, and not the less-fun tracks from the expansions.

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Honestly can't wait for this.

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I have to say when i played Civ 4, unit types seemed a bit low. I hope they change that this time round. I know more doesnt always mean better but still I'd like a few more unit types in there. Loving the idea of the hex thing too.

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ci vi! ci vi! \o/

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If this actually comes out this year, we may have another contestant for game of the year :)

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Don't need to mention much but, :D

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:shock: moar civ to play!!

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I'm not sure if I like the idea of hexagonal playfields. It doesn't look as organic as Civ IV. Still, I'm willing to at least give this a demo try or at least hear how it fares, review-wise. Civ IV STILL causes many sleepless hours for me.

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I still think that Amiga version was one of favorites. GNWPCD that mean we have been playing this game for over a decade. :(

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Civilization was the game that hooked me on playing games some 20 years ago. One of the best series ever. Can't wait for this release.

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As someone who played the original Civ on an Amiga 1000 and been with the series since, I say keep em coming! This looks great. They keep getting better and better. Of course Civ 2 is still to this day my favorite of them but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy and play the other versions still. I can't wait til later this year to see how this game develops more.

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Sounds great. Been playing this series since it came out in the 90s. Haven't been disappointed yet.

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Cant put a game this complicated on consoles because of the learning curve. Easily accessible game sell the best which is why the most successful games tend to have a learning curve of less than 30 minutes. Tutorials alone take longer than that and they just teach basics.

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here comes another 6 months of sleepless nights :D

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good stuff

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This... is the biggest game announcement since BioWare announced the Mass Effect trilogy. I love Civilization so much! I can't imagine the amount of hours I've put into Civ:4 over the years - O_o;

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@Nefarious13 Though it's completely possible, they would never do that. A console audience almost certainly wouldn't go for it. That's the reason revolution is the way it is.

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i still play civ4 on a regular base, i can't wait for this one! the hexagonal field looks like an interesting change.

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the most time consuming game ever, so so good

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civilazation 3 quqest was the best

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i love civilization!

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This is interesting. Look how spread out those armies are. Could this mean that each tile can only hold a limited number of units? Will the ridiculous stacking of units be a thing of the past? Will it actually matter how you place your units? Can't wait to find out!

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Xbox 360 please. And don't dumb it down!

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Can't wait.

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They should get serious about the future ages in space.

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cool, looking forward to it