2D Platformer Mutant Mudds sold more on Wii U than Steam, PS3, PS Vita combined

Developer Renegade Kid reveals that its game performed much better on Nintendo platforms.

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Wii U's sales numbers might be dismal, prompting Nintendo to slash its sales projection for the platform this year by over two thirds, but it's the best platform in terms of sales for at least one developer.

Co-founder and director at Renegade Kid Joos Watsham has said on Twitter that the developer's Mutant Mudds, a 2D platformer, has sold more copies on Wii U than the combined sales on Steam, PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

Apparently Mutant Mudds sold even more copies on the 3DS. When a fan asked how the two platforms compared in terms of sales, Watsham said "3DS is king."

Watsham said that he's pleased with Mutant Mudds' performance on Wii U, but hopes that sales pick up on Steam and PSN. He did not share specific sales figures.

Last month, Renegade Kid announced Moon Chronicles for the 3DS, a remastered and 3D-enabled version of the 2009 Nintendo DS game, Moon.

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