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$258K Pokemon Watch Goes Up For Sale

A very expensive way to catch 'em all.


Pokemon fans with money to burn, this one's for you. Luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome has created an exceptionally detailed Pokemon Tourbillon watch with a hefty price tag: US $258,000.

The Swiss watchmaker describes the watch as having an "incredible and captivating 3D effect, such that the characters look animated and ready to pop out at any second. As the most famous of them all, Pikachu is the centrepiece and is placed at the forefront."

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But it's also what's inside that makes the watch so expensive, says Romain Jerome. "The dial, made entirely by hand, required hundreds of hours to create due to the numerous colors present which needed to be created and then hand-filled one by one. The case back was equally thought-through, and we can admire the oscillating weight of the self-winding tourbillon--laser-shaped like a lightning bolt--and Pikachu seen from the back."

This is the second Pokemon watch from Romain Jerome. Last year, the company created an entirely Pikachu-themed watch. That watch cost US $20,000--peanuts compared to this year's creation.

This year's $258K Pokemon Tourbillon on the left,  last year's $20K Pikachu watch on the right.
This year's $258K Pokemon Tourbillon on the left, last year's $20K Pikachu watch on the right.

That Pikachu watch was limited to just 20 watches available. While Romain Jerome doesn't say just how many of this year's Pokemon Tourbillon watches it's making, it does say it is "exclusive in concept and rare in quantity," words that are sure to strike a nerve with Pokemon players. If you have the money to spend, you can head over to Romain Jerome's website to place your order.

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