250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle en route - Report

Online reports indicate Microsoft is readying higher-end bundle of its console and motion-sensing system.


At the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, Microsoft unveiled its new slimline 250GB Xbox 360. Last month, it confirmed reports that it would be releasing a new 4GB Xbox 360 in a bundle with Kinect, the motion-sensing system that launches on November 4.

Apparently there will be a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle as well.
Apparently there will be a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle as well.

Now, it appears that Microsoft will be readying another Kinect bundle, which will feature the 250GB Xbox 360. Gaming blog Joystiq reports it was tipped off by an Australian reader who spotted a high-resolution image of the 4GB Kinect bundle, which also detailed another bundle with the higher-end console. No pricing information was available, but the box apparently said the console would be bundled with a game--likely Kinect Adventures--and several "game demos." Kinect Adventures, the minigame compilation that features the jump-based rafting game River Rush, is also included in the 4GB bundle.

As of press time, Microsoft had not responded to requests for information about the new Kinect bundle.

By itself, the controller-less, camera-based Kinect will cost $150 in the US. Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg said Microsoft is treating the Kinect launch like that of an all-new console, throwing the considerable weight of its marketing might behind it. However, some analysts are skeptical of the peripheral's prospects at retail, and one UK retailer went as far as to openly say preorders for it were "very low."

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