$250 Halo 5 Collector's Edition Detailed at E3 2015

Here's everything that comes with the super-premium version of Microsoft's new shooter.


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When Microsoft announced the limited and collector's editions of Halo 5: Guardians last year, the company did not share very many details at all about what each would contain. Now, during E3 2015, Amazon has updated its Halo 5 product page to reveal some more specifics about each package.

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The $250 Halo 5 Collector's Edition comes with a digital copy of the game and a "commemorative statue" designed by developer 343 Industries that depicts Master Chief and Spartan Locke squaring off.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not shared any images of this statue yet.

The premium bundle also comes with a "Warzone REQ Bundle," which includes 14 "Premium Requisition packs," though it's unclear exactly what these are. Warzone is Halo 5's new, large-scale multiplayer mode. We played it earlier this week at E3 and you can see some footage in the video below.

In addition, the bundle includes a code for the Halo: The Fall of Reach animated series, a Guardian model designed by Metal Earth, and a Spartan-themed steelbook case. It also includes something called "Spartan Locke's Classified Orders," but we don't really know what that is.

The $100 Halo 5 limited edition, meanwhile, comes with everything mentioned above, except for the commemorative statue.

Presumably, Microsoft will provide more details on both special editions later this week at E3. We'll have more news on Halo 5 throughout the week from the show.

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