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25 Year Old Street Fighter 2 Mystery Finally Solved

Meet Max and Scott.


The Street Fighter franchise has a colourful and quirky cast of characters, from an Indian yoga practitioner with stretchy limbs to a man that dresses as a skeleton and fights crimes. Among them all, however, there are two mysterious figures that very little has been known about, until now that is.

25 years after Street Fighter 2 hit arcades, Capcom has finally revealed the identities of the first two characters you'd see when playing the game.

In a post on the Street Fighter subreddit, Capcom confirmed the two gentlemen duking it out in front of a cheering crowd are Max and Scott. For those who need a refresher, take a look at them in the video below.

Capcom has also published official bios for both characters, though it's in Japanese. Since Street Fighter 5 is set after Street Fighter 2, the characters have been redesigned somewhat.

Why is Capcom talking about these two fighters? Could they be added as DLC characters? Probably not. What's more likely is that it's just a bit of fleshing the universe out for fans. At most, they may be included in the upcoming story mode expansion.

Pictured: Max
Pictured: Max
Pictured: Scott
Pictured: Scott

Street Fighter 5's free story mode expansion will be released in June. It will contain over an hour of "cinematic content" and fill in the storyline between Street Fighter 4 and the new game. Watch the first trailer for the DLC here.

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