$25 Armored Bloodwing mount now available in WOW

New rideable flesh-eating bat available for purchase in Blizzard Entertainment's MMO game.


World of Warcraft

Gamers can fly the skies of Azeroth on an all-new mount, as Blizzard Entertainment has launched the Armored Bloodwing creature. It is available now for $25 in the Blizzard Store.

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The Armored Bloodwing is described as a "monstrous" flesh-eating bat, "the perfect companion for trips that call for death and destruction."

Once purchased, the Armored Bloodwing will be available for all present and future characters players have tied to their Battle.net accounts.

The Armored Bloodwing joins a growing catalog of mounts and pets that Blizzard Entertainment has made available for a la carte purchase. It joins the Celestial Steed ($25), Winged Guardian ($25), Swift Windsteed ($25), and pets like the Pandaren Monk ($10), Soul of the Aspects ($10), and Cinder Kitten ($10).

World of Warcraft had 8.3 million subscribers at the end of March, down 1.3 million from three months prior. Its most recent expansion was Mists of Pandaria, which launched in September. No new expansions have been announced, though Activision Blizzard aims to release content more frequently to stem subscriber attrition.

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