24-Hour Pokemon Sword And Shield "Livestream" Coming This Week

Tune in this Friday for 24 hours of "live" footage from an in-game location.


Pokemon Sword and Shield arrive on Nintendo Switch in less than two months now, and ahead of their launch, The Pokemon Company is hosting another livestream for the games. This broadcast is scheduled to begin this Friday, October 4, but it will be a little different from previous streams.

Beginning at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET, The Pokemon Company will air 24 hours of "live" footage from Glimwood Tangle, a forest area in the Galar region. The stream is framed as research being conducted by Sonia, Professor Magnolia's assistant and granddaughter, to observe Pokemon in their natural habitat. You can read Sonia's message about the stream below:

"My name's Sonia, and I'm a Pokemon researcher. Here in Galar, I'm always helping out with research for my gran--Professor Magnolia, that is! I'm sending this message because I could really use your help with some research I'm doing. Next week, a camera will be set up in a strange forest here in Galar known as Glimwood Tangle, and the camera will begin broadcasting live footage. The broadcast will last for 24 hours! If you could take a gander when you have time, that'd be just great. Thanks in advance!"

The Pokemon Company teases that viewers "may notice things that surprise you" during the stream, which presumably means we'll get a glimpse at another new Gen 8 Pokemon, although that has not been confirmed. You can read more details about next week's stream on the official Pokemon website.

The Pokemon Company has been gradually revealing new monsters since Sword and Shield were officially announced earlier this year; most recently, we got our first look at Sirfetch'd, a Galar-exclusive evolution of Farfetch'd. Nintendo's big September Direct also unveiled two monsters--Polteageist and Cramorant--as well as the first details about two new features: Pokemon Camp and curry cooking.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15. You can catch up on all the new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed so far in our gallery. If you're interested in picking up either title, be sure to also check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

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