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PS2 actioner based on the popular real-time television series ships in North America.


Jack Bauer has hand plenty of problems on television. Over the course of five seasons of the series 24, the harried federal agent has been hunted by Serbian paramilitaries, foiled an oil tycoon's plot to start a Mideast war, kicked a heroin addiction, and saved the United States from a nuclear attack--twice.

Now, Bauer will face another hectic day--this time in game-form. Today, Take-Two Interactive subsidiary 2K Games announced that it has shipped 24: The Game, the first game based on the popular TV series. Exclusive to the PlayStation 2, it retails for $39.99 and is rated M for Mature.

The game's M rating won't come as a surprise to fans of the show, which sees Bauer wage a no-holds-barred one-man war on various terrorists. Set between 24's second and third season, it follows Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland on TV and in the game, as he tries to foil a chemical attack on Los Angeles Harbor. The game also features the likenesses and voices of Sutherland's television costars Elisha Cuthbert, Carlos Bernard, and Reiko Aylesworth.

GameSpot editor Brian Ekberg recently spent the hour between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. getting some hands-on time with 24: The Game. For a complete briefing on the game, check back soon for the full review.

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